Healthy Snacks Ideas | Low Calorie Snacks For Weight Loss | Easy and Tasty Snacks

Here are my favourite healthy snacks ideas! & yes they are super easy and tasty & yeah you don’t really have to cook them, they are ready to eat, these snacks are low in calories and will be very helpful in weight loss, you are going to love them!

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  • Hello Shruti, Pranaam!

    How do you do? This video is very important and quite essential in this current high per-capita consumption decade, thanks to improvement in spending power of the people.

    I'm quite fit and healthy, weigh 140 lbs and ~5'10" height. A few practices I follow to keep my health and weight in check:

    a) Almost complete cut down on White Sugar in Milk, Tea etc.
    b) Replaced buffalo milk with zero cholesterol 1 liter packs.
    c) Regularly take Green Tea without any sugar.
    d) stay away from oily restaurant foods
    c) Three times a week: Zero cholesterol Milk and Kellogs Muesli Fruit/Nut cereals in my breakfast. Remaining four days Dosa, Idly etc.
    d) Say no unnecessary fatty foods and junk munching products too. Especially, no bingeing during late nights etc.
    5) Keep that Oil intake in check. Very little clarified butter or ghee. I use Rice Braun oil as suggested by the AHA or American Heart Association.

    I want to write a lot more, but it's tiring on a 5.5" smartphone screen! Do you have a website, articles linked with disqus etc? If not, I'd be happy if you could provide an e-mail address. Thanks!

    Oh yes! I liked your funny presentation style. 😘😍

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  • Superb , really helpful snacks ideas!

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