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When we are in office, we feel hungry in the evening. We head to the nearest food court and we can’t find anything healthy. So we end up eating something that our body has to regret. This is because we did not carry a healthy snack option with us. Well, not anymore.

Here I present to you 8 Easy and Healthy Snack option ideas for office, school, college or whenever you are travelling. Now, you are already familiar with these foods but it is all about combining them in the right way so that the snack becomes balanced and your body feels satiated.

1. Phool Makhane/Makhane/Lotus Seeds/Fox Nuts – Fox Nuts are low in calories and high in minerals. They are a major source of carbohydrates. They are rich in protein and also have some amount of protein. They are super low in sodum which makes them a great snacking option for someone suffering from high blood pressure. They can be combined with roasted peanuts for healthy fats and extra protein.

2. Bhuna Chana/Roasted Chickpeas – They are also very tasty and filling. Majorly, a source of complex carbohydrates but also have some amount of protein. They can be combined with roasted peanuts for healthy fats and extra protein.

3. Fruits & Nuts – A piece of fruit might not be enough to fill your tummy. However, combing it with nuts makes it not only balanced but also satiating.

4. Banana Peanut Butter Roti – This is a great snack option to have on the go. It is well balanced, tasty and healthy.

5. Carrots and Cucumbers – Now only carrots and cucumbers may not fill you up.So you combine them with roasted chickpeas and roasted peanuts. This is how you can combine different foods for different macro nutrients. Needless to say, it makes you more satiated.

6. Boiled Chana Chaat – This is one of my favorite. Very simple and very tasty.

7. Egg White Chaat – Similar to boiled chana chaat with extremely high protein. This is a great way to fight the bland taste of egg whites.

8. Egg white bhurji/Egg white omelette – Again, high in protein and very filling. You can eat egg whites in summers as well.

The serving size and macro nutrients of each snack option is mentioned in the video.

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