Healthy Protein Brownie Mix Recipe – low calorie dessert – Part 2

Healthy protein bars – this is the second protein bar video, and this one is the closest I’ve found to a cake or brownie substitute replacing unhealthy commercial brands for people eating on the go or looking for a healthy snack.

This is ideal for bodybuilders or people looking for nutritious snacks to add to their healthy diet.

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Unlike the others, this one we’re going to bake. All ingredients are healthy for children as well, and they love it, especially since there is almost no limit to how much they can eat.

1 cup flour
2 scoops whey
2-3 tablespoons raw cacao
¼ teaspoon Pink Salt
½ teaspoon baking soda
3 whole organic pastured eggs
1 tablespoon lo han sweetener (or honey or stevia)
½ cup coconut or almond milk

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