HEALTHY Paneer Recipes – Paneer Cheese Kabab | HIGH PROTEIN Vegetarian recipes ( INDIAN )

Combining the power of 3 HIGH PROTEIN vegetarian food sources (PANEER, CHEESE, CURD) I bring you the ULTIMATE vegetarian bodybuilding recipe – PANEER CHEESE KABABS!
Again, by bodybuilding, I don’t mean bulky bodybuilder bodies, I mean LEAN MUSCLE MASS. Vegetarians in our country struggle to match even their basic daily protein requirements. I’ve spoken about that in my other vegetarian bodybuilding videos which you can check out here :

Coming back to talking about my baby, the PANEER CHEESE KABAB. This healthy paneer recipes is ideal for a vegetarian bodybuilding meal or even a snack as part of a vegetarian bodybuilding diet. High protein vegetarian diets are what’s lacking in this country and I wanna change that. Vegetarian Indians, the ONE thing i want to tell INDIA is that protein = health you don’t need to be afraid. This isn’t your regular, unhealthy paneer cheese balls you eat at restaurants, this is an easy, healthy veg dinner recipes for bodybuilding and fat loss.

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