HEALTHY MEAL PREP – turkey mince burrito bowl / FOODIE things

Well this is a little bit different! In this video I show you how I cook my turkey mince burrito bowls which is something I meal prep for lunches pretty often. It’s a super HEALTHY, easy and tastes amazing!!

Let me know if you enjoyed this video in the comments section! I would love to know. And don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram stories if you try the recipe so I can see! Xx


Turkey mince
Kidney beans
Italian diced tomatoes
Uncle Ben’s Mexican style brown rice (or anything rice you’d like / cauliflower rice)
Cherry tomatoes
Snow peas or capsicum
Corn kernels
Brown onion
Olive oil
Chicken flavoured stock
Chilli, garlic and ginger (or any other spices you’d like)
Salt and pepper

Tahlia xx

Instagram: @tahliaskaines

Camera: Canon G7X II
Editing program: Final Cut Pro X

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