HEALTHY MEAL PREP – turkey mince burrito bowl / FOODIE things

Well this is a little bit different! In this video I show you how I cook my turkey mince burrito bowls which is something I meal prep for lunches pretty often. Itโ€™s a super HEALTHY, easy and tastes amazing!!

Let me know if you enjoyed this video in the comments section! I would love to know. And donโ€™t forget to tag me in your Instagram stories if you try the recipe so I can see! Xx


Turkey mince
Kidney beans
Italian diced tomatoes
Uncle Ben’s Mexican style brown rice (or anything rice youโ€™d like / cauliflower rice)
Cherry tomatoes
Snow peas or capsicum
Corn kernels
Brown onion
Olive oil
Chicken flavoured stock
Chilli, garlic and ginger (or any other spices youโ€™d like)
Salt and pepper

Tahlia xx

Instagram: @tahliaskaines

Camera: Canon G7X II
Editing program: Final Cut Pro X

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