Healthy Malva Pudding Recipe | Low Calorie High Protein Malva (155 Calories)| South African Recipe

LEAN GIRL Healthy Malva Pudding Recipe
(Low Calorie High Protein Malva Pudding)

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Nothing beats a warm, sweet, sticky baked pudding covered in vanilla custard on a cold winters evening!

But most of us girls trying to build that summer body this winter would try out best to stay clear, right? WRONG!

Malva pudding is a classic South African favourite we shouldn’t need to go without – which means I just HAD to work some lean girl magic and transform this decadent pudding into a low calorie, high protein dessert that can be enjoyed all along your lean body journey!

My LEAN GIRL Malva pudding tastes just as good as the real deal, with a fraction of the calories (155 to be exact) and it’s packed with protein too – a bonus WIN to keep you fuller for longer and fuel those beautiful lean muscles too!

This is great to make on the weekend, and keep in the fridge to enjoy as your evening dessert with a little Ultra Mel zero Custard to top it off! I mean whoever needed willpower to stick to a diet when we can eat Malva Pudding every day of the week right? 🥳

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