Healthy Baked Chicken Wrap (Low Calorie High Protein) – Quick & Easy Lunch 🥙

The traditional chicken wrap has officially been transformed into a delicious, warm, low calorie baked chicken wrap that is oh-so-fit for fat-loss!

This baked chicken, cheese and avo wrap is the perfect quick low calorie lunch idea that is filling, tasty and perfect for a cold day when a salad filled wrap just won’t do!

This baked chicken wrap can be done in the air fryer, or in the oven and takes less than 10 minutes to make! Your new go-to lunch on repeat? I think so!

The entire recipe comes in at 476 calories, and packs in 42g of protein!

Remember that a meal that is great for fat-loss is always satisfying, delicious and fits within your calorie budget! The lowest calorie lunch is not always the best for fat-loss, as 1 hour later you’ll be reaching for a snack or three as you’re hungry again!

I love having 3 larger meals a day, which allows me to eat a big filling meal and then I can forget about food for a couple of hours!

You can also get creative with your own fillings and create your very own baked wrap with your favourite ingredients!

Let me know if you enjoyed the recipe and be sure to tag me on instagram (the_lean_girl) so I can see your yummy baked wrap creations!

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