Gourmet Coffee Mix Syrup -The Life’s Added Pleasures!

Gourmet coffee mix syrup is a blessing for those who simply cannot get enough of coffee, no matter how many cups they drink. Coffee mix syrup is typically made from fructose, corn, or sugar cane mix syrup, water, and coffee. What sets the gourmet coffee mix syrups apart from the regular syrups is the type of coffee used to make the syrup.

Coffee beans are broadly classified into two main types: Robusta and Arabica. Regular coffee powders, instant coffees and home brews are made from the Robusta beans; whereas the Arabica beans (what connoisseurs would call the genuine thing!) are what gourmet coffee is made from. Thus, coffee syrup that is made using gourmet coffee is known as gourmet coffee mix syrup.

Types of Gourmet Coffee Mix syrup

Gourmet coffee mix syrup is available in many different varieties, which are as under:

1. Flavored gourmet coffee mix syrup: A large variety of flavorings can be added to gourmet coffee mix syrup to give you flavored coffee syrup. These wonderful flavorings enhance the taste of the coffee syrup and give you a whole new taste altogether. Some of the available flavors include vanilla, almond, strawberry, chocolate (my personal best!), apple, banana, caramel, cinnamon, mango, cherry, amaretto, Irish creme, passion fruit, coconut, lime, kiwi, etc.

2. Sugar-free gourmet coffee mix syrup: All coffee syrups contain sugar, and a lot at that! In fact, if you were to have gourmet coffee syrup straight up without mixing it with something else, you would hate the taste, so sweet it is. The high sugar content can be a problem for diabetics or those who are trying to lose weight. But with the sugar free versions available, no one needs to give up the pleasures of gourmet coffee mix syrup just yet. Sugar free does not mean that the syrup is not sweet, only that a low calorie sugar substitute is used instead of regular sugar.

3. Alcohol gourmet coffee mix syrup: Most coffee syrups are non-alcoholic, but some are available that contain alcohol. These also go by the name of coffee liqueurs. Gourmet coffee mix syrups that contain alcohol are great for spiking a punch or making an alcoholic beverage. However, these are not meant for children and adults should also use sparingly.

With gourmet coffee mix syrup appearing on the scene, coffee lovers surely never had it better!

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