• HEY GIRL CAN YOU HELP ME OUT? I wanted to get a bag of terra chips and i wanted to know witch ones you recomend to try first,i dont like sweet potato so i was thinken about the blue chips?but what other ones are good too?

  • @llove3411 yes talk to doctor 1st but i 2 recently started doing the veggie /fruit thing its not as hard as i thought it would be making homemade veggie soups and stews help out alot just buy a mix of any veggie(frozen or fresh)and put in veggie broth or fav low sodium broth its sustains me all day and i can eat as much as i want throughout the day also for flavor add cinnemon to your fruits and cayenne pepper to your meals.. it not only helps the flavor but it burns cal.good luck.(

  • I just tried the Sweet and Beet Terra Chips. I was just going to get a taste. Next thing I knew I couldn't get my hand out of the bag! Yum. Who knew beet chips and sweet potato were so good? Half the bag is gone, lol.

  • M C

    You keep talking about these darn Wasabi peas… I just ordered two 8oz bags from Vitacost, and i ordered two bags of the apple cinnamon chips… My weakness is snacking, so im trying to implement healthier snacks, rather than the cookies, cakes, and ice cream. I will be checking out big lots and walmart later.

  • i got to get to big lots

  • Oh Miss JoAnn I love these! They have so many different kinds. They are good for you and yummy. Only a $1..I haven't been to big lots in a minute. Good reminder. I'll check it out.

  • I would like to begin a veggie lifestyle. Can you do a vid on the basics? How do i start? What basic things do i need to buy? What meals do i cook to start off? I am lost and have no clue where to begin

  • Thank you JoAnn for sharing your journey and lessons with us. I learn so much every time I watch your videos!!

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