Fat Loss vs Bulking Meal Comparisons (Full Meal Prep Walkthrough)

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Low Calorie Meals:

Omelette – 300kcal, P: 38.5g, F: 12.1g, CHO: 7.5g

2 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 80kcal ham, 50g red onion, 50g peppers

Chicken Salad – 337.8kcal, P: 46.5g, F: 3.34, CHO: 33.6g

150g chicken breast, 100g leafy greens, 80g tomatoes, 100g beetroot, 100g cucumber, 65g peppers, 50g pomegranate seeds, 1tbsp balsamic vinegar

Fish – 433kcal, P:46.8g, F: 2.35g, CHO: 49.3g

220g cod, 200g sweet potatoes, 100g green veg

Oatmeal – 483kcal, P: 48.2g, F: 8.55g, CHO: 52.5g

50g oatmeal, 47g protein (1.5 scoops), 100g frozen berries, ~250ml sweetened almond milk

High Calorie Meals:

Omelette – 675kcal, P: 51.8g, F: 53.8g, CHO: 7g

4 whole eggs, 20g red onion, 127kcal chorizo, 1 tbsp olive oil, 30g goats cheese

Chicken Salad – 1,206kcal, P: 58.7g, F: 75.5g, CHO: 65.6g

150g chicken breast, 100g leafy greens, 30g goats cheese, 20g walnuts, 70g dates, 1 avocado, 118kcal fried onion, 1tbsp olive oil, 1tbsp balsamic vinegar

Fish – 1,056kcal, P: 64.5g, F: 53.9g, CHO: 85.1g

220g salmon, 200g sweet potato, 40g basmati rice, 100g green veg, 2tbsp olive oil

Oatmeal – 1,016kcal, P: 50.7g, F: 38.1g, CHO: 119g

40g oatmeal, 1 scoop protein, 235kcal milled nuts & raspberries, 60g dates, 40g nuts, 2 tbsp honey, ~300ml sweetened almond milk

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