Fasting Diets – How I Consistently Lose Tons Of Fat With A Powerful Fasting Strategy

You know, fasting diets really get a bad rap. Everyone is constantly scrounging for the next big thing that will help them to drop weight fast and easy.

However, no one seems to realize the vital pieces of the weight loss puzzle that most diets leave out. What ever happened to tricking your metabolism?

Doesn’t anyone focus on increasing their natural calorie-burning processes that already exist anymore? No!

They immediately assume that getting on a treadmill is the only way to go and that’s so completely disheartening. You see, I have my own personal strategy that goes against what most diets suggest because I rev up my natural metabolism using some time-tested fasting techniques and I want to share them with you now.

What I consistently do every week is initiate a combination of low-calorie fasting days and high-calorie cheating days in order to confuse my metabolism and drop more stored fat very quickly. Rapid weight loss sounds like a myth to most “old school” fitness experts, but I have to disagree. What’s really great about it is how quickly you can see results and increase your motivation to continue. That’s something that most diets can’t do.

But regardless of how progressive this strategy seems, it still shares the idea of making sacrifices and possibly going out of your comfort zone in order to reach your fat loss goals.

And because of that fact, I want you to know that losing fat needs to be safe as well as effective. If you were to begin fasting for too many days in sequence, you could potentially ruin your metabolism. Your body would eventually catch on and believe that you don’t require as many calories to function properly and this can lead to health issues. But I’ll show you the smart way to do it.

Studies have gained evidence that it takes your metabolism around 3 days to adapt to a new diet, with or without fasting.

So, when you decide to start eating less calories and healthier food, it appears to be working after the first 2 – 3 days, but then your body adapts and assumes that this is your new standard routine. It becomes difficult to see hardly any changes from then on and even worse, your body might begin to eat away at stored muscle instead of fat. Ouch!

But then, what’s the answer? How can fasting diets ever be effective?

Well, the answer is to simply cheat. Yes, you incorporate a day where you actually get to eat as much as you want within reason. By doing this, you can reset your metabolism, create a bit of confusion, and increase powerful hormones that trigger a spike in your fat-burning processes.

Then, the next day, you’ll feel hungry again and your metabolism will be working at top speed in order to burn away stored fat and calories. It’s pretty great.

So that’s my technique. I eat a small breakfast or just a protein shake at around 6 am before heading to work, skip lunch, and then push my dinner back to around 7 pm.

This creates a 12 hour fast during the day combined with a lower calorie intake.

Then, after continuing for 2 additional days, I have a hearty breakfast, a full lunch, a sizable dinner, and even a few snacks in between. What I just explained is one of the fasting diets that keeps me a step ahead of my resting metabolism and forces more fat burning power to take place. Just remember to be strict, stick to it religiously, and you should begin to see your own great results very soon.

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