Etee Reusable Food Wraps, New Page, High Conv % And Aov

Product Name: Etee Reusable Food Wraps, New Page, High Conv % And Aov



USDA Organic Beeswax, Clove & Cinnamon Essential oils and Jojoba oil

Coniferous tree resins from sustainable sources & non gmo soy wax

GOTS certified organic cotton

All natural ingredients means fully biodegradable

I will have to admit, I was skeptical at first. Not anymore, this is an amazing product. I used the smaller one first on a cut lemon and it stayed fresh for about 4 weeks!! I never used plastic wrap, hated it. Loved the “green” packing it came in, I will reuse that. I’d like to eliminate all…                       

Was sooo happy to see this product in my Instagram feed. I immediately ordered a set and could not be happier. I haven’t used plastic wrap in years but most other alternatives were lacking. Im thrilled with my set and will most certainly be back for more.

I recommend Etee to everyone! It is so easy to use and excellent for our environment. buy it and try it, you won’t be sorry. Remember, you can reuse Etee many times by washing and drying.                                         

Each bundle is designed to get plastic off your food for one whole year

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I loved my first scrubby so much that I gave all but one away and have to order more for myself! The texture is just right for scrubbing the debris from a pot after making oatmeal, or cleaning off the pan after a sauté. It rinses clean, and hasn’t fallen apart yet, or lost it’s scrubbing power. Terrific. I even like the color.

this dish soap is great! My dishes get very clean! congrats on a great product. Love avoiding the plastic!!

This is by far the best gift ever. Help the environment AND let the recipient choose their favorite way to do that! So thankful etee has gift cards available!! Whether it’s the holidays, birthday, anniversary, thank you, Earth Day, or “just because” – this is a guaranteed winner!!

I used this for one year and at the beginning they fill hard , then until they brake softless after a few uses, like any new product. Very easy to use, great properties to preserve and keep the food odorless

Have been using this for about a week and couldn’t be happier. Haven’t had an issue with greasy clean ups at all. Love that it’s completely waste free! Going to spread the love and buy some for gifts!

Body Care is not complete without some sort of lotion moisturizer. I’ve tried the bars and they’re hard to spread. Could you make a cream and put it in a cardboard tub?

I really like it. I especially loved putting the pod into my compost pail.
There isn’t much to say about dish soap. It either works or not. This does. I’m very happy not to put a bottle into our already overwhelmed environment.

I keep this in my purse at all times. Since I live in Florida, there are a lot of restaurants that serve very casually with plastic silverware. I’ve had many occasions to use my cutlery set and I love it. It stays put in the waxed cloth container and makes me feel morally superior to those who are using plastic forks and spoons around me. 🙂

Finally a way to eliminate plastic to cover food. I love the wraps. Easy to use, easy to wash, easy to store. I wrapped a bunch of celery, put it in my vegetable drawer in my refrigerator, and used the last stalk 4 weeks later!!! It kept it crisp and fresh. Nothing has kept it that well prior to now. I use it to cover all my bowls of “stuff” that I refrigerate – egg salad, jello, whatever I store in bowls. Have been able to eliminate a LOT of plastic. Love it!

I just had to say goodbye to my first order of food wraps. I bought them more than a year ago and used them well. I am replenishing my supply.

These bags are fantastic! They keep everything fresher than plastic bags. My lettuce and spinach last so much longer in these bags. The bags also smell so good.

I use this soap (which is lying on the coconut scrubber) along with a European dishwashing brush for most of my hand dishwashing. We also use etee’s liquid soap for things that need to soak, or where I can make a “dishpan” out of a pot, and wash several things at once.
I wish it were part of the offerings for the Club (which is how I got it, I think.)
It is a perfect way to wash up individual items, instead of splashing a lot of excess liquid soap on them.
I highly recommend using both types of soaps for your dishes!

I bought a whole bunch of wraps back in 2017 and use them at least 4 times a week and they have been just SO good. I have just ordered more, which two years on is pretty sustainable I reckon. Of course, I care for them as stated and they really have lasted so well.
I have just ordered some sandwich bags and snack bags for the first time, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they work out… but if they are anything like the wraps, I guess you won’t be hearing from me for another couple of years 😉
Thanks guys. Love your products.

These scrubs have exceeded my expectations. I wanted to try these to reduce plastic product use. What I found is that these are superior to the old plastic ones in several ways. One, they don’t start to stink and food crud rinses out easily. Second, they are strong and can scrub pots without scratching them. Third, after I’m done using them, they go straight to the compost pile instead of the landfill. And fourth, they last much longer than others. It takes weeks before they need to be replaced. So even though the upfront cost is greater, they are more efficient in the long run. Now I have one less plastic product in my home.

I use in place of washcloths now, to wash dishes and wipe down my granite countertops. They are amazing, don’t smell, and wear well!!

I’m on my second set because I use these daily. My first set lasted about 18 months and still could be used, but wanted a nicer looking set for company arriving. I never use plastic wrap anymore. These work as claimed and better! I wrap fresh vegetables in them and they last much longer. LOVE this product! Also love they have bags so am going to order those now too. Thank you for this product and caring for our health and the health of the planet.

With the caveat that I’ve only used them once—but to clean my apartment! When starting dry, they were as good as paper towels on mirrors, and sturdy enough to wipe down sinks and counters. I wish they had some that were a little bigger so they’d wrap around my swiffer mop to do the floors (I use microfiber towels that I bought when I didn’t realize they shed micro plastics—I do use a Guppy Friend washing bag—highly recommend!). I am not sure how to wash them, but these are great and seem durable.

This soap sticks to a soap dish and doesn’t slide all over the place, making it simple to use with a cloth or scrubber. Cuts grease, smells terrific, and lasts a really long time. Plastic bottle problem solved. Thank you!

“I received my toothbrushes and am VERY HAPPY with them..I’ve used a few styles made from bamboo and these ROCK “

Absolutely love the bags, no other product like them! My only minor dislike is that the cinnamon and clove smell gets on whatever you use it on. The first thing I noticed was the smell on my hands after touching them. I used one bag to cover a glass of milk and use them to store my protein bars out of their original package and can smell and taste it a bit. Not unpleasant so far but not ideal. It didn’t keep me from reordering more of my most used sizes of the wraps.

Better than any product I’ve tried like it! My only minor dislike is the spice smell from the cinnamon and clove. It gets on whatever you use it for. So for instance you can smell it on your hands after touching them. I used it to cover a glass of milk and could smell it while I was finishing it. I use the snack bags to store my protein bars out of its original package and can taste it on my food a bit. Not super unpleasant but not ideal. That being said I just ordered more of my most used sizes.

I got a set of the wax bags and love love love them . Use them
For vegetables in the fridge and they work really well at keeping everything fresh.
Will be ordering more.

I love these for vegetables but I can’t wash them because they get all waxy and make a huge mess in my sink and my hand. Too bad

Why is the money in US Funds if it is made in Canada?

Love these coconut scrubs. Use them to scrub pots and also underneath bar soap so they don’t sit in water.

I’ve barely made a dent in my first bar yet, I always have enough cleaning power between the soap and the scrub or the sponge. Hot or warm water helps with grease.

For Christmas 2017 II purchased a family pack of the food wraps. My family LOVES THEM. Then for Christmas 2018, I purchased the family pack of the food bags and we are even happier!! Absolutely love these bags. So perfect for storing our produce (after using my cloth produce bags to purchase our produce). Very, very pleased with ETEE wraps and bags…. love the bags even more than the wraps (if that’s even possible). Well worth the price. Thanks for your wonderful products!!

I have the wraps and they are fine but the bags are awesome. I haven’t used plastic bags in decades which means I have to clean veggies as soon as I get home or they wilt. Delicate salad greens I have been buying in the hard clean plastic tub but really wanted to stop that but when I buy them in bulk at the co-op and put them in my organic cotton bags, they have wilted by the time I get home. Well, not anymore with these Food Bags! I am buying more. So worth the money. I am so happy, now when I shop I am almost 100% plastic free!! The only thing I bough in plastic was tofu. It makes me feel really good about my contribution to reduce, reuse, recycle and reducing my carbon footprint. We all must do everything we can. Even the check-out person was impressed. I bought green leaf lettuce, escarole and romaine, (they were out of the bulk delicate salad greens) and used these bags. The next day when I pulled them out of the fridge, the greens were fresh and fluffy-just like the minute I bought them. Don’t hesitate-get them. I’m buying the family pack today!

These are truly amazing. Ease of use, keeps everything you put in them super fresh. So great not to waste food, or use plastic! All the reviews about how well they keep cut avocados green, right on point. I now have many of the wraps and the bags, they have changed my kitchen. Can’t thank you enough for making these available. I’m sold!

These wraps are really great. I just checked on some parsley that I bought over two weeks ago (I used it a couple of times, but not in the last week), and it is still good! It would have wilted long ago if it was without wrapping, or in plastic grocery store bag! I like the way the wraps smell of beeswax. I’m getting some food bags too, those will be handy to take to the farmers market!

Love this soap!! A little goes a long way! Eco friendly and amazing! Smells so nice and works so well.

Every time I use one of these products I DON’T use a plastic bag or wrap. Besides that, they keep food better than anything I’ve ever used. They’re perfect and I’ll never go back to disposable.

Amazing plastic-free solution. Love that the cloth does not seem to get that rank smell cotton clothes get after a few days (probably because it dries so quickly)! Soap works great, scrubber works great too. no complaints – just waiting for this set to come back into stock!
One tip – careful not to leave the soap soaking in water, or it will dissolve quickly. Otherwise, seems to last well!

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