Something I have been thinking about for a LOOONG time.. Just looking into possible reasons why, (apart from media trying to sell programmes) the “Bro Diet” i.e. “Clean” Eating diet exists within the bodybuilding world and now spilling over into the regular world.

This is just what I feel, (key word being I) is a possible logical way to think of it… BUT.. I wanna hear your opinions on this too.. So drop a comment beow and lets start a conversation 🙂



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  • I'm a IIFYM kinda guy, I get protein in as a priority and then fit everything else around it. That being said, I'm not filling in the rest with junk or processed food, everything still comes from whole sources. I don't have the dedication to eat chicken, rice and broccoli all the time, and quite frankly why would you want to? I don't like eating the same thing two days in a row let alone all the time! Why would you suck all the fun out of food, making yourself dread meal times when you can get the same benefit from a whole range of things?

    Too many people make the mistake of trying to emulate the pros. Workouts, food, whatever. Unless you're taking AAS and massively ramping up your protein synthesis you're going to end up disappointed!

  • …why everything on youtube has to be always on the extreme side…???

    i understand what you are sayin,
    and i have a lot of respect for discipline.
    i just couldnt do it like that😂

    hell no😉👍🏽

  • It's definitely an Indian James Bond accent right there

  • This is why I love protein powders. I just eat whatever I want (Still kinda healthy) as long as Im in my calorie limit and just supplement with protein if I'm still lacking.

    imo as long as you dont intend to compete there's no need to do it clean.

  • is it me or does Roelly Winklaar look off putting for me? Like too much muscle..

  • My grandma would make baked bbq chicken with potatoes and some kind of vegetable side we don’t eat rice that often

  • I’m finna get Panda Express tomorrow then ima start eating grilled chicken and a rice and broccoli so I can lose some weight so I can actually gain muscle

  • That bit around 05:00 talking about the sauce etc made me fucking die 😂😂😂

  • Eating is the worst part for me. I have no issues going to the gym and working out consistently, but I never know what I should be eating.

  • If I was bulking up, I'd probably go with something like this:

    (1 week groceries):

    1.) A few potatoes, cooked with a bit of avocado or olive oil

    2.) A few servings of green beans

    3.) A few servings of broccoli

    4.) A serving of spinach

    5.) A few bananas

    6.) A few oranges

    7.) Several servings of fresh or frozen berries

    8.) A few servings of lentils

    9.) A few servings of rice (doesn't really matter what kind)

    10.) A few servings of some kind of bean, adzuki or anasazi beans among others are very good

    11.) A few servings of cauliflower

    12.) Several servings of salad-carrots, celery, romaine lettuce, cucumber, olive oil or avocado dressing

    13.) Several servings of nuts/seeds-mainly pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, almonds and peanuts

    14.) A few servings of wild caught salmon

    15.) A few servings of organic chicken or turkey

    16.) A few servings of pasture raised eggs

    17.) A few servings of high quality beef, bison or lamb

    18.) An apple

    19.) One serving of dark chocolate

    20.) A few servings of avocado

    21.) A few servings of muscle milk

    22.) Water.

    -Work out the bod! 😁 Lots and lots of both endurance and power lifting (for my own relative size/strength, etc.). ALL muscles, stretch them first, stretch them afterward, include some cardio as well.

    If I was cutting:

    -Same foods, minus the rice, potato, banana, orange, and apple. (Lower carb, some protein, still some fat) Workout would be focusing on stabalizer muscles, abs, cross/twisting sit ups, even more emphasis on "hard to get to" muscles, diet would be even cleaner, emphasis on veg, very lean animal protein, and some water.

    Ok, now bring on the critiques.. 😁

  • Eat for health not for taste

  • Do not forget the genetic background, nutrient absorption, hormone balance! It depends on these things what, when and how much we eat! A white boy will never have a tooth like yours, they can eat as much calcium they want! Never!

  • Don’t listen to this idiot he doesn’t know that it is to be fat I was 346 lbs at my worst ate chicken brown rice and broccoli meal prep (2 trays a day) drank a lot of juices to replace cravings, and in 3 months I was 298. IT Works TRUST ME

  • You can’t eat rice and expect to lose weight. Rice is what made me fat.

  • You made a click bait video about not eating Chicken, rice and broccoli all while saying how it’s still good for you and there is nothing wrong with it. In fact that’s what your eating while making this video.

  • When do you poop? 10 meals?

  • What a waste of time!

  • Thank you this video has been very helpful.

  • Ohhh my fucking god i get into this diet and now i shouldnt eat chicken and broccoli… wtf am i gonna eat then? Im fucking starving

  • I don’t know…I’m fat and hopeless

  • What if you are on a medication Mirtazapine (me) which increases apatite for fatty carb rich foods. I'm constantly craving these foods

  • Most of the body builders I know take a day out of the week, like Sunday, to do all of the food prep for that week. Either by cooking the meals in a slow cooker, or already prepping the ingredients to make the cooking process faster. Also the reason Chicken has become a staple is how easy it is to keep track of the fat and protein in them. Take Fish for example. There are a lot of different fish with different protein and fat content, as well as mercury and other stuff you don't want to put in your body.

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