Dog Kong Filling Idea – Low Calorie, Healthy, & Yummy!

Just wanted to let everyone know about an idea I had for Kong fillings that are low calorie, really healthy, and yummy to Watson and I imagine most dogs :0)

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  • I think 35 calories is awesome! Great treat! I wonder if we can get that in the US I’ll have to google it! Thx Karen

  • What a great idea. Thank you for sharing. I am going to give this a try with our dogs, however, I have no doubt they will love it.

  • Where did you get the Kong from, Karen?
    How does it really work with dog??
    Am nt sure if mine is gonna like it🤗
    Tried your little trick with Elastic band and seems to be working with Freddie 🤗🖒
    Talking about Toys…my Fred in that respect doesn't destroy anything but Dog's Toys don't really interested him too much either
    Recently ….by accident. …as always…Freddie got across a spare toothbrush which I meant to use for cleaning a grit between tiles. …..Anyway. …he loves it ..holds a handle between his paws and .nibbles on a brush all the time. ..🤗🤗🤗
    Looks quite funny. he's cleaning his teeth😂😂😂

  • Garlic bulbs are fine for dogs in small amount I gave my dogs one half clove every other day it brilliant for fleas and ticks as I don’t worm or flea my dogs with chemicals all my dogs are fed raw food no kibble as it killed one of my dogs in the past

  • Great idea thank you for sharing!

  • I take a row organic peanut in the shale, a nice big fat one and I force it into the kong he is bizzy for hours.

  • Awesome ideas girl my babies love carrots lol I needed some ideas they get so darn bored!!

  • I've seen these, Pips fussy. Sometimes she starts to eat and stops. Only since she had her lady op which almost killed her. They never found the cause. Possibly the Anesthetic. Luckily I have all my pets insured so the cost was only the blood test 70 pounds. The excess. I am hoping she will come round and go back to anything goes. Nice tip thank you xxx

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