Diabetic Fish Recipe: Fried Fish "Fish and Chips" Style

Try this fried fish recipe when you’re craving junk food: it has that great beer-battered taste and texture, but it’s a low-carb fish recipe. Serve it with boiled potatoes (optional); just make sure you’re watching the portion size to keep the carbohydrate count low. This diabetic fish recipe is easy, fun, and a much healthier option to fast food fried fish dishes! Please comment below with any questions, and I invite you to visit our website, linked above. Here’s to a happier and healthier you!
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  • Wow!!! That was really informative!!! I know this is an older video. Please excuse the use of the word “older”. No harm intended. Lol. I’m new to hinge diabetes as my mother-in-law is type two diabetic. Her friend however is not and requires much more planning for meals. Or do I have that backwards? Again. Please forgive my ignorance? I’m seriously new to all of this and trying my damndest to learn and another reason is because I’ve been told that i am now not only pre-diabetic but right on the border of being diabetic. Not too sure what this means. So I’m trying to soak a lot in… maybe more in too quickly than I should in one sitting. But I’ve always been a quick learner and I’ve got a family and to be honest this is a new bit of something that took a family member from us awhile back and so this scares me some. Granted there were other factors but social iterweb isn’t quit the place for that subject. Anyhow… thank you for this video and the link. I’d like to pass that along if you don’t mind. Take care. God bless.

  • Cod or Halibut filets. Here, I'm using cod. You can use fresh or frozen for this recipe. Thanks for watching, and let me know if there's any other way I can serve you!

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