Diabetes Myths – Are You Aware About It?

The condition of diabetes occurs when the pancreas in the human body is ineffectual in producing insulin, or is not able to make efficient use of the insulin produced by the body. The advancement of science and technology might be a boon to the society in several contexts, but it has somehow affected the lifestyles of the people and has made them prone to diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Diabetes is a common condition these days, and one out of every ten adults in the world are suffering from it.

Facts about diabetes presented by the World Health Organization

1. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the global prevalence of the disease in the year 2014 was estimated to be 9% among the people aged eighteen and above.

2. Around 1.5 million diabetes deaths have been reported around the world in the year 2012.

3. The disease proves to be fatal to the people falling in low and middle-income countries as almost 80% of the deaths occur in these countries due to the disease.

4. According to the survey made by WHO, the disease will be the 7th leading sources of deaths globally by the year 2030.

5. A healthy lifestyle that comprises of low calorie and organic diet, and focuses on maintaining optimum body weight and avoiding alcohol, smoking and tobacco can delay the onset of the Type 2 diabetes.

Though, the condition is often caused by genetic and environmental factors, but wrong food habits and modern lifestyle also contribute to the global epidemic. In the recent years, the rise in the incidence of the disease has been noted due to the improvement in the living standards and a degradation in the physical activity.

If you are a Type 2 diabetic, there might be several pieces of information and advice you might get from different sources. Though, some of them are reliable, a few of them are not true. Here are a few common myths associated with the disease that must not be followed blindly.


# Myth 1: People suffering from diabetes are free to eat everything and can counterbalance with insulin – If you think that insulin injections are the alternative to your food habits, you are making a big mistake. Overlooking the parameters of diabetes diet, even when you rely on insulin for maintaining a sugar balance in the body may prove to be fatal. It is a very dangerous practice and can worsen the condition of a person suffering from the disease. If you rely on insulin, it becomes even more important to take a healthy diet for keeping a check on the condition.

# Myth 2: Sugar consumption causes diabetes – Diabetes is the result of deficiency of insulin in the body or body’s inability to absorb the same. Sugar consumption before the onset of the disease does no harm to the body.

# Myth 3: Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed without medication – Diabetes is a lifelong disease and cannot be treated without the consumption of pills or insulin, if you have been chronically progressing to the condition. Diet and lifestyle changes can help to control the sugar level, but eliminating drugs can prove to be dangerous to the health of a person.

# Myth 4: Medication eliminates the need for lifestyle change – If you are a diabetic and believes that the intake of drugs eliminates the need for maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, you are indeed putting your life at risk. A lifestyle change is critical to adapting to the need of the patient’s body.

# Myth 5: Artificial sweeteners are injurious to the health of diabetics – Though, the debate on the safety of artificial sweeteners is still on, but the use of saccharin, sucralose, and aspartame have been considered as safe for the use of diabetics by the American Diabetes Association.

#Myth 6: Family history of the disease plays a major role in the onset of the disease – Undoubtedly, genetic factors are involved and people having a family history are more likely to develop it someday, but there are other factors also that contributes to the process of developing the condition. Therefore, it is better to overcome the myth that you will escape the disease if you are not from the family of diabetics.

It can be difficult to deal with the disease, but living with the disease is not at all a right alternative. A minor change in a lifestyle and food habits can reduce your blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight and makes it easier for the concerned patient to deal with it.

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