Day 21 Of The 21 Day 5,000 Calorie VEGAN Challenge

For the next 21 days I will be eating 5,794 calories a day of a VEGAN high carb low fat diet of real foods! I have done this twice before, once with a low carb high fat diet of real foods where I put on 1.3kg but lost 3cm from my waist, and once with a high carb low fat diet of fake foods where I put on 7.1kg and grew 9.25cm on my waist…

…what do you think is going to happen this time? Watch and subscribe to my video diary right here and feel free to check out the diet in detail, blood test results, pictures, graphs and written blog @

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  • This is still such a good experiment. Strange it doesn't have more views. 🙂 For me, just doing 3000-3500 kcal and being able to loose weight on keto, is so much worth it. On carbs, I need to eat lower to loose, maybe 2.300 kcal.

  • Did he track his body fat percentage in these experiments?

  • I just found you channel through the articles on your website and I have to say you are kind of my hero. We seem to have similar body types and the same utilitarian approach to food. Before I found Keto I ate plant based for a year and I have to say, I had even trouble with getting in 3500 calories. Consistently hitting 5000 and beyond would be undoable for me so kudos for grinding this out! I am now LCHF and sometimes ask myself if that's really the way to go for somebody who always struggled to put on the weight I wanted. But I just feel so much better with it. It brought the symptoms of two chronic diseases down by 80% do I could stop most meds which is truly amazing.

  • shouldn't that be a105,000 calorie challenge?

  • very good work, u saved animals

  • Maybe you gained a bit of weight, but you probably saved a few lives. And that is way more important.

  • Idea for challenge..juicing 5000+ cal for 21days..&/or a 80/10/10 ratio..awesome what you bring!!

  • Well so e people can eat anything but not most people…,what does this proove?

  • Also natural body builders get the weight and body fat percent they calculate when counting calories.
    They often have to in a very specific time.
    How is that possible if counting calories were bogus?

  • Pretty interesting – pretty much what I would expect to happen.  With 100g a day from fat its almost the exact amount of weight I gain on the same dietary ratios.  bring it down to 70g and you maintain a similar body weight.

  • This challenges that you have made is kind of amazing. It would be interesting to see how raw food or/and fruitarians diets impact on the body.

  • Now you could go the other way with calorie restriction on various diets.  It would also be interesting to see you do a 21 day water only fast.  As a young, healthy male you make an excellent "control" subject. 

  • I thought you were from will's hometown, but didn't think it was nice to call you out on it. It is a distinct accent which is very noticeable. Sounds natural on you. Not contrived at all. You must have moved to east london recently.

  • Your face was vibrantly glowing. And your mannerisms were much looser after your vegan challenge. I noticed you did look a bit fuller in throughout your body. But I suspect that all that was fluid retention. I would be interested in knowing body fat percentages after your challenge. Anyway, what your doing is fantastic. Would you be able to stand a vegan ketogenic challenge? Perhaps you'd like to perform similar challenges but on a different type of body? Need a volunteer?

  • Awesome stuff!!! Always a fan!

  • Suggestion for a new challenge? 21 day HIGH PROTEIN, low carb, low fat. I'd love to see what happens, if all that "bad for your kidneys" is really true!

  • thanks, i hope my journey goes as well 🙂

  • Glad you checked blood glucose! Was wondering what it would be. Looking forward to bodpod/test results!

    Would be awesome to see a comparison of the high starch to sugar/fruit. I wonder if Durianrider would do a conversation to get you set up on a high sugar experiment.

  • LOL at first bite ecstasy near the end! You deserved it!!

  • Well done! A whole 21 days! You've deserved your animal protein meal more than anyone else 🙂 Look forward to hearing about your blood test tomorrow.  

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