Cucumber in Hotel Amenities

Cucumber is my “go to” diet food. Super-crunchy, extra-flavorful, low-calorie, and made of practically nothing but water (90% in actuality) – what could be better. I put it in all salads, from green and leafy to tuna and chicken (low-fat mayo, of course), it fills space in on the plate and in my belly.

The cucumber is actually a member of the gourd family and is a sister to a squash and a muskmelon. Since they grow from a flowering plant and have seeds enclosed, they are actually considered a fruit not the widely believed vegetable.

Cucumbers have been a staple of fancy spas for years as they are known to alleviate puffy eyes. Since the cucumber is 90% water, placing the cucumber over the eyes is thought to have a hydrating effect. Since it works so well on eyes, and has a reputation of being a spa product, it makes sense that many lines of hotel amenities have adopted the cucumber in their products.

It is not surprising, then that both June Jacobs Spa and Kudos Spa uses cucumber in their product lines. June Jacobs, offers a Cucumber Facial Bar. This French-milled Glycerin bar is enriched with potent anti-oxidants and rich tropical oils that soothe and refresh. The Kudos Spa uses cucumber in its White Tea and Cucumber Body Lotion. This biodegradable lotion uses the cucumber to moisturize hands and body.

Additionally, the entire line of luxury hotel amenities, Tocca, uses cucumber. Tocca combines Grapefruit and Cucumber in each of its Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion and Body Wash, as well as its facial and body bars. And finally, the ever-popular Aromae Botanicals line pairs cucumber with aloe to create its hand and body lotion.

It is remarkable that so many lines use cucumber in lotion, as in its very being needs to add moisture back to the hands and body. The fact that other lines have taken these moisturizing properties to use in shampoo, conditioner, body wash and soaps.

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