Choose a Low Calorie Snack For Work

With the hectic work life, you can choose a low calorie snack to stay fit there as well. Some of the best low fat snacks to stuff your belly as well as watch your calories are given below.

Dried fruits: Dried fruits come in the category of A+ low calorie snack as they have high fiber content to keep you in good physical shape. They are suitable for people with obvious sweet cravings.

Hard boiled eggs: One hard-boiled egg is a wholesome diet snack for a fit person. It contains 80 calories approximately and several nutrients.

Plain popcorn: There are about 93 calories in three cups of plain air popped popcorn. Therefore, it is considered the best as well as the most delicious low calorie snacks on the go.

Almonds: You can eat about 10 almonds per day as they only contain 100 calories; they are quite nutritious too.

Yogurt: Yogurt is full of calcium and short on calories. Skim milk yogurt is the best option for a low diet snack.

Soy and carrots: Another way to put fewer calories is to have low carbohydrate soy chips, as a substitute for usual potato chips.

Low Calorie Snacks for Work

When going to office in a hurry; you skip the breakfast and have to eat in the office canteen. Eating out is not good for you, so prepare easy a low fat snack which is quite healthy as well. This will help to fill you up without hindering your instant weight loss scheme. Easy Recipes:

o A mixture of 3 tablespoons of raisin and 3 tablespoons of dry roasted pistachios can be made by you.

o 1 Clementine and 1 tablespoon of honey makes a good combo.

o ½ cup frozen yogurt, ¼ cups sliced strawberries and 1 tablespoon of chocolate sauce will satisfy your sweet tooth.

o 2 kiwis of medium size are allowed, as well as vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, cucumber, cauliflower, fennel, etc.

These low fat snacks not only fill your stomach but are also nutritious. For instant weight loss, you can have you favorite easy to make low calorie snack.

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