Cherry Tomatoes – "Nature’s Candy"

Ever go to the grocery store in the winter and wonder around looking for a great tasting, nutritious low calorie snack? Well look no more…the Cherry Tomato is not only a tasty snack but it’s also guilt free. In the winter it’s hard to find good tomatoes and when all the other tomatoes taste a lot like cardboard give the Cherry Tomato a try. Just pop a few of these juicy little morsels in your mouth and you’ve got a great snack and they don’t go straight to your hips. Cherry Tomatoes are better than candy… they are “Natures Candy.”

Ever grow Cherry Tomatoes? These smaller bush type plants are remarkably easy to grow and there are so many Cherry Tomato varieties to choose from. Some of my favorites are of course the trusty Argentina Cherry with its burst in your mouth tangy flavor and there is the Chocolate Cherry with its smooth mild taste. The Golden Cherry has a really sweet less acidic taste and not only tastes great in a salad but adds color to just about any dish. The Rainbow Cherry gives you a little of everything and what could be better than that?

The Cherry Tomato is smaller and sweeter than conventional tomatoes. They are a popular all over the world, and they can be found in a wide assortment of dishes from Mexico to Asia. They are also remarkably easy to grow, and they mature quickly in temperate zones. Since cherry tomatoes can get costly at the grocery store, a lot of people prefer to grow them at home, where they grow like weeds under the right conditions.

Happy snacking!

Penny’s Tomatoes

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