Cereal – Which Cereal is Healthiest? – Heart Smart® Grocery Store Tour

Make sure your cereal is heart healthy with these tips.
Look for less than 3 grams of fat and at least 3 grams of fiber. Join our Heart Smart® Dietitian, Darlene Zimmerman, for a tour of the grocery store. In today’s clip, Darlene takes us to the cereal aisle. Learn to shop the Heart Smart® way.

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HeartSmart® is a nutrition education program designed to prevent and control heart disease and other chronic illnesses. The recipes included in the HeartSmart® Recipe Box have been developed by our HeartSmart® dietitians and meet the American Diabetic Association and the American Heart Association’s dietary standards. For more information on HeartSmart®, visit

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  • I like waffles in the morning they seem to be easy on my stomach I put fruit on top of it and waffles don't have all that singer ok it like cereal I buy the multi grain waffles the big shot critics out said waffles are not good for you and if you think there way you will start to believe it that's what you have to be careful surfing the internet folks

  • Total moron radical for sure plenty of them around just eat what you like folks don't listen these idiots they will drive you crazy for sure

  • And 36g of carbohydrates 👌 i’ll be a diabetic in no time

  • I once lost 70+ pounds ( 185-113lbs) in less than 6 months eating nothing but cereal and skim milk the WHOLE time…ANY kind of cereal ( my favorite was cocoa crispies ,fruity pebbles or Frosted Flakes) and I filled the bowls to the top!!!…. at best, I may have squeezed in a brisk 30 min walk three times a week…..black coffee, water, diet soda and the milk in my cereal was my only fluid intake- the weight fell off!!! With no wacky side effects….I PURPOSELY gained back 25 lbs over the next 1.5 years because everyone constantly remarked that I was too thin at 5’7 113lb…I’m now and have been a cool 138 for the past 5 years- that weight has been maintained by eating a diet up to but no more than 2000 calories a day ( of whatever food I want) and walking 3 times a week, time permitting….and yes, I still LOVE cereal after eating it for 5 months straight!!!!🤷‍♀️

  • I like fitness the most

  • Bullshit,why won't you just tell the true about the stupid cereals?they bad for your heart as the high levels of carbohydrate will turn to sugar and alter your nervous sistem.
    Which will raise your insulin levels in other words will make you a diabetic overtime and messed up your liver.
    Tell people the fucking true and save the lives of many poor kids you mothersucker

  • What are your thoughts on the Salt content? am I right that the Packet of Cheerios you held up seemed to have 10% Salt? that seems extremely high? Possibly more worrying than fat content? I wasn't aware Cheerios are that Salty..

  • I think that banna and milk is the healthiest cearl

  • Your heart healthy apron is cute; but cereals are carbohydrate insulin raising sugars. They actually cause heart disease. Get your fiber from a bell pepper.

  • The healthiest cereal; is the ones found in the trash after you dump them. Processed sugar carbs are junk.

  • Which cereal is the healthiest, um none of them they are all just junk food in a box.

  • the video i was looking for thanks i thumbs it up

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