Breakfast and Tiffin Idea for Children

What can be most crucial agenda of every mother in every morning?

The healthy nutritious diet for her children. Most intelligent and aware parents today are overwhelmed by nutritional information available from different sources and worry a lot about what their children eat?

Don't make any boundary that he or she should eat less fatty food or less sugar, just because of they become fatty or obese. Junk foods like pizza, burger etc makes child obese. Most parent fall into the trap of counting calories. It's not just impotent to have the requisite amount of calories, but also the requisite amount of nutrients. Calories coming from the wrong food like burger, ice cream does not make sense, it only make fat and cholesterol in your body.

Mother's main emphasis should be on, to promote healthy nutrition in children. The basic premise is that the children should eat variety of food. The food that contains lot of fats, oil and sweets should be used very sparingly.

You should choose diet with plenty of grains products, vegetables and fruits, ensuring the adequate amount of iron and calcium.

If some guidelines followed by your family members in house, then children has to follow it. You should also buy low-calorie, low-fat food, snakes and desert, low fat or skimed milk and diet drinks.

Your child's nutrition is important for his overall growth and health. Proper nutrition can also prevent many medical problems, including becoming over weight, weak bones etc.
Unfortunately we don't realize that healthy eating habit and options need to be included at this age itself to last lifelong.

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