Best Juicer for Juicing Beets + Best Beet Juice Recipe

John from shares with you the best cold press juicer for juicing beets. In this episode, you will learn the differences between fast and slow juicers and how they may affect the quality of the juice you are making with your home juicer. You will discover why you shouldn’t make beet juice with a blender or high speed juicer.

You will learn about several different styles of juicers and which juicer a juicing expert would choose if he were juicing large quantities of beets to make raw and fresh beet juice.

You will discover just some of the many benefits of drinking beet juice, such as improved athletic performance, deceased blood pressure, improved blood flow that may promote better brain cognition and help with E.D.

Next, John will share his #1 beet juice recipe with you that is just two ingredients and tastes amazing so you can supersize the quantity of beets you eat to get the benefits they provide.

Finally, John will share his opinions why using a juicer can help with more than just athletic performance or blood pressure from juicing beets.. It will enable you to juice a variety of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits to get the benefits that these natural plant foods can provide.

After watching this episode, you will learn the best juicer for juicing beets, a delicious beet recipe and why you should start juicing a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits in addition to just beets.

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