Are Pork Rinds Bad For You? What Do You Think?

Are Pork Rinds Bad For You? What Do You Think?

Incredibly, pork rinds are one “junk” food that really isn’t bad for you and provides a healthy dose of protein, no carbs, and most of the fat is oleic acid (monounsaturated fatty acid – like olive oil) or stearic acid, a saturated fat which does not raise cholesterol.

Compare that to potato chips which load you up on carbs and salt and only have 2g of protein. Bad choice.

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  • Pork rinds are healthy in moderation if they are fried in their own fat. The Medical and FDA continually lie and state that most fats cause heart disease. In fact frying/ cooking with pasture raised lard is healthier than frying/ cooking with Canola, Corn, Soybean , Peanut, and even Olive oil. So pork rinds/ crackling are a healthy snack compared to potato chips but the only downfall in the pork rinds are that they are loaded with a lot of table salt. Pork rinds are about 43 % percent unsaturated fats and they also contain oleic acid. Pork rinds also provide needed gelatin …gelatin helps aid your achy joints, muscles, and can aid with sleep.

  • i worry about getting the heavy box of canned goods into the house after delivery, ive been eating pork rinds lately for all the reasons you mentioned, i have lab test soon, then ill know for sure

  • I love your laugh 🙂

  • Thanks for your comment Highlander.  I'm not sure of the accuracy, because I got my information from Men's Health, online.  I'm pretty sure they would have checked that out?

  • great video, but the protein in pork rinds is unusable in the body

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