A Low-Calorie Ice Cream That's Actually Good! So Delicious Dairy Free Frozen Mousse Review

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  • Same shirt again. Avoiding baby today?

  • I’m not vegan but I still get these all the time because they are so good. My cousin is vegan and I tried this for the first time there

  • out of all of them, my favorite is the caramel and chocolate.

  • Yeeeeet I just tried the chocolate chip and I got it at fred meyer for like $4.99 so not too terrible, sometimes it's on sale for $3.99! Also just tried halo top and strongly agree. They suck. Lol

  • Honestly my fav ice cream, especially the peanut butter. Haven't found the strawberry yet

  • I agree that Halo Top is horrible. I tried 2 flavors and didn't finish either one. The flavors are so fake.

  • That's exciting. Ovo lacto vegetarian here and I was super bummed over Halo Top's dairy free icecream being gross. Their traditional stuff tastes like regular icecream but I'm heartened to hear there's a good dairy free diet icecream ♡

  • We appreciate this review and we can't wait to share this with the rest of our team. 🙂

  • I saw the moose and was like "no please tell me she didn't make moose ice cream" I'm tired lol

  • Swayze, I stand corrected. I saw this So Delicious mousse at my local organic store, it was on sale, I was PMSing & I really wanted ice cream. I tried the chocolate chip flavor and I was delightfully surprised! The texture reminded me of soft serve ice cream, & they didn't skimp too much on the chocolate either. I was also very happy with the type of artificial sweetener that they used; it didn't have a bitter aftertaste, and it was a nice amount of sweetness. I'd buy it again if it was on sale. Thanks again for doing this review! I wouldn't have tried it without seeing this first.

  • You deserve to be overweight. You show your true calling as you are enthusiastically giggling over ice cream flavours during the whole video. Such a shallow person who can not control their eating. Yes you are overweight and deserve to be so. Fat parent/s has a positive correlation to overweight children. Take responsibility and be a positive example to your child. You whine and say you should eat a peach.. Mango tastes like vomit… You want to eat a pint of ice cream instead. You should feel ashamed. Your child is growing up listening and watching you. I am ashamed of you being a mother to a child and feel so sorry for your child to have a shallow mother who drools over such foods. You don't look after yourself.. when it doesn't take much effort to do so. Also take some pride in your appearance when you do a video… You only ever wear the same style daggy t shirts in every single video. It doesn't cost much money to dress a little more attractive and respectable especially If you stop buying the expensive ice cream, and dressings and chocolate drinks.. All processed unnecessary foods for optimal health. This whole channel appears to be of overweight women and I hope to God their children do not have a weight problem. Why.. Because if you are of normal weight there is no reason to resort to diet processed unhealthy foods.

  • As a Brit, lemon-flavoured ice cream really baffles me! It sounds like it could be tasty (a bit like a frozen lemon meringue pie I suppose?) but it's just not something we have here at all, and we like our ice cream here.

  • I have allergies to soy, nuts, & legumes, plus coconut milk ice cream was just so full of saturated fat & not that good anyway. So I'm going to be honest I sometimes pick up regular Ben & Jerry's frozen yogurt (flexitarian here, not vegan) so I'll try these as a substitute. 🙂

  • They were only $4 at Walmart

  • I tried the Ben and Jerry's non-dairy Cherries Garcia when I saw your video on it and the chocolate chunks broke out my crown. It was still good and they gave me a coupon to try another flavor.

  • Im getting my wisdom teeth out soon so I needed this.

  • I'm not vegan but I'm subscribed cause most vegans I meet/hear of are soooooooo damn irrational and pompous, it's super refreshing and quite soothing to know theres logical vegans and I found it most with you. I wanna say I love you and your channel. I learn so much more and have been able to give some advice to ppl wanting to go vegan, they're surprised I'm not and direct them to your channel when asked how I know certain things. Thank you so much for being a decent human being and probably the most awesome vegan I know of!

  • In Switzerland the Ben and Jerry's non dairy ice cream costs 11$ per pod in the regular store. And we have three flavors. At least it is not affordable to gain weight as a vegan here.

  • i looked up and your head was a tub of icecream. i found it amusing.

  • Ice cream without dairy is not ice cream stop fooling yourself.

  • I forgot about those whipped yogurts. I loved them too

  • Ben and Jerry’s is like 10 Dollars where i live

  • Would you ever do a review of your experience studying philosophy at university for those considering ?

  • I prefer the pseudo-intellectual fake vegan pontificating UV to the "How I Became A Fat Mom" fake vegan UV

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