8 tasty and healthy low-calorie snack ideas!! *weight loss edition*

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  • the snacks look delicious ! But feel like these are only snacks you can eat at home would be great to see healthy snacks for when you are at work/school/outside too

  • I love your channel I enjoy your videos very helpful

  • Girl this snacks look good. thanks✨

  • Hey , just wanna say I love your videos and your vibe is ✨💗, could you help me with this ..so I’m trynna lose weight too and I calculated my maintenance which was 1596cals and my recommended calories was 1340cals , so how should I eat ? Like I eat 1340 cals and go for a hour walk( learned from you) which burns about 250cals .. so should I eat more to get back up to 1340? Or ? I’m really confused with this , pls help me 😭I trust you

  • I feel your very honest and down to earth and your food choices are realistic but I Wana see your cheat meal day video

  • Awesome ideas, thanks!!😊

  • I’m gonna try all of these you got the best low cal snacks !

  • Hi how are you??? I just came across your videos, I am 40 175/185 ( I go back n forth) I never exercise I have breathing issues ( out of breath as if ran marathon walking steps even) I have messed up back. But I have low self es, I feel fat I feel nasty I want to feel sexy n healthy n b able to shop in normal stores ( fashion nova n SHEIN)n not buy plus or xl. I am single mom w min wedge job so on tight budget. I can’t afford Trader Joe’s or stores like this. Do you ever do Aldi or Walmart or something like this??

  • I’m also trying to eat healthier without frustrating me since I love food but also because I sometimes don’t have time to make complicated recipe and I also have 0 inspiration lol so I really like the « easy & quick » recipe you’re showing to us so Keep going with these if you have lnspo ☺️

  • I am so grateful Youtube recommended your channel to me👏🏽🙏🏽, feeling inspired and I can't wait to lose this weight. Your meals always look tasty and thanks for all your efforts in your video. Hello from London🇬🇧.🥰🤗

  • TA

    Problem is I can’t eat in moderation lol

  • Girl your body is snatched ok goals

  • please do more videos like this ..i love watching them :* :*

  • BLESS YOUUUUU!!! got ideas for my second snack ☺️☺️☺️

  • Love the presentation and the simplicity! ❤️🧡❤️

  • Salami in the peppers…that’s original I like that idea!

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  • Thank you for sharing this!! I was really looking for some good snack ideas 🙂

  • where do u get these recipes?
    if they’re your own, i don’t mean to offend u 😓

  • Do you count calories? Apparently 1000 is too low to live on

  • What are your waist and hip measurements?

  • Lady Picass0ooo00o (love that name btw) your channel is amaziiiiing, you've helped me aloooot in my weight loss journey, ly 🦋🌍

  • Love these ideas, definitely going to be using these very soon!

  • Looks good I wanna try them

  • tysm for this video! super helpful I can't wait to try

  • Thanks girl! keep it up your doing a wonderful job! ❤💕😊 Maybe a video on what gym wear you like? or even on your art? 😊

  • I love the fact you ACTUALLY pay attention to what your viewers would like to see and post content so quick!! Appreciate it a lot, youve really helped me being on a diet for the first time in my life. Ive lost 2kg in 5 days and im very happy ! Love from netherlands xxxx

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Love all these snacks! I get that popcorn its the best😍 whats your favorite low calorie granola?

  • Support u 💯 girl u honestly feel like a friend lol an ur videos yummy an entertaining 🤗👋🏼have a good day

  • Love love love this video! Thank you again for all the great snack ideas 🤩

  • I actually like look at her videos , glad she could got over mcdonalds🤣.Most of people just wanna lose weight because of how they wanna look and it is amazing that they change their eating habits and start a healthy lifestyle. However you should be looking at your body mass index first, to get that ideal weight and not later fall into underweight just for appearances, that could even depevelop eating desorders. being hellaskinny doesn't mean being healthy 🤷.

  • The sprouts brand organic brown rice cakes are only 25 calories! They might be a little bit thinner but you can have 2 (or more) haha. It's my fav snack with peanut butter and honey 😋

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