7 Easy Steak Dinners

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Tastes Like Chicken Mcm
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  • I don't really like steak any more. It used to have a nice flavor, but now it doesn't. It needs more seasoning. It also became rather expensive. It always needs to be marinated.

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  • I already taste beaf steak but yummy makes me hungry

  • Could someone teach me, how to make the steak tastes soft? I tried lots of times for cooking steak, but they were hard to eat…

  • While other people that cook: Gordon Ramsay


  • Title: easy steak dinners
    Me: Literally can't afford a cheap steak

  • why do i make myself suffer ( i REALLY want steak right NOOOWWWWWW)

  • yall really dont know how to season

  • Ahhhh yes Chicken my favourite Steak

  • That hand technique for doneness is brilliant

  • O I

    Lol guys there’s more seasonings then salt 🧂 and pepper

  • why is the only seasoning on any of the meat just salt and pepper

  • its meat eat? you are animal. red meat only animal eating

  • I can’t be the only one who ended up becoming hungry after this (I’m sorry if there’s any spelling mistakes, I suck at English)

  • Did they just make a milk dip

  • I watch all your videos but have never tried any of your recipes

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