7 Day Low Calorie Meal Plan – MayoLESS Chicken Salad

We’re kicking off our 7-day low calorie Meal Plan with this mayoless chicken salad. Whip it up today and enjoy!

Side Note: I’m just giving you some ideas for what you could make if you wanted to do this. This is not a full detailed day-to-day series of videos.


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  • So KEWL. All this can be bought at your local Wall-Mart. I know cause I used to work there.

  • What other recipes were on your 7 day meal plan

  • Thanks Mesha, I'm egg and gluten intolerant so I have been trying out different home made spreads I found on line, I just made the avocado spread 2 days ago which consist of Greek yogurt avocado,olive oil,cider vinegar,onion powder, salt, pepper and a little mustard. I tried it with potato salad and tuna salad, It was ok in the tuna,But not good @ all in the potato salad. Avocados are some what expensive and they don't hold up very well. I'm going to try this chicken salad as soon as possible maybe Monday.I'll let you know how it turn out. Peace-N-Blessings.

  • Great looking chicken salad Mesha! I LOVE that Asian spice that you have. I have about 5 jars of it in my pantry and I use it for everything!

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