5 Meal-Prep Recipes

Here is what you’ll need!

Start your week off right with these meals:

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  • can we actually microwave paper towels

  • Please crisp up your breakfast burrito in a pan or on a griddle, it only takes a moment for extra yumminess 🥰

  • This is super helpful

  • when your meal plan is it for lunch or dinner or it doesn't matter

  • I meal prep for a living (personal chef) if anyone has questions about getting started in the profession!

  • @tasty where can i get tht cast iron tawa????

  • Currently eating the pesto chicken green beans. Tasty grub indeed

  • I hate how they season their meat🤦‍♀️

  • What is that thing that was used to spray on the trays ?

  • Ugh! I love to make these, but I would never eat food, that was stored in the fridge for several days! Hays.

  • Link is "not found." No recipes. Bye!

  • Not even a PINCH of seasoning on those green beans, jesus take the mf wheel 😭

  • Im actually very irritated that they put just salt and pepper on their chicken but the food still looks good tho👍

  • I’ve watched this multiple times over the years and still haven’t made it :/

  • Um the link doesn’t work…

  • This would be cool to do. Grocery shopping on Saturday and then food prep sunday night after church. And buy lunch on payday friday!

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  • Is this willy jack if so please leave me a contact # I will tell u all about rich

  • Meal preps are supposed to be healthy

  • I can eat it but i can't make it

  • Little tip: you can replace the white rice/tortilla with brown rice or corn tortilla 💓

  • I wonder if I can use chickpea flour instead of eggs for the first one

  • used to watch these for fun.. starting to handle cooking for my family so these are a lifesaver for parent lunches and weeknights lmao

  • The link doesn't work anymore for the meals.

  • 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽♥️♥️♥️👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • My watching this imagining my colleagues are gonna be jealous with my meals vs. Me in real life preparing my food: pasta pesto- done.

  • I think they should out what temperature the pan should be so I just ask my parents… But I love the recipes!

  • I've tried many of egg containing recipes n they're Easy n tasty..🤗

  • The link to the recipe doesnt work

  • middle of the night and im here

  • Delicious ideas , made one of them tonight

  • Muy buenas ideas! Combinar de otra manera los ingredientes. Gracias!

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