3 Misconceptions About Juice Cleanses

Juice cleanses or fasts are thought of as a popular way to detox and reboot the digestive system. But, like most fad diets, juice cleanses might not be doing what you think they are.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • Please make a video about alkaline water

  • I invented a drink that will detoxify your bank account – alcohol! Just go to a bar close to you for a week every day and enjoy those detoxifying liquids! See the incredible results yourself if you don't believe me. This is Hollywood science after all so it must be really special, like you 🙂

  • Awesome video… Really cleared up everything about the juice cleanse trend.

  • Are you sure you’re doing the world a great service here, or is this one of those “ugh, these people have no scientific proof!” Educated arrogance type of scenarios? There are tons of non-scientific videos with obvious results. Wouldn’t that qualify as quantitative evidence, or whatever a science literate person would call it?

  • Maybe for people like me that have chronic constipation from digestive issues, it could help us to have more normal and less painful bowel movements, but for regular people, you'll be shitting straight liquid.

  • Taco Bell is the best detox.

  • The second someone mentions "Toxins In The Body" you may as well punch the person in the face and throw them into traffic.

  • After reading all these great comments I'm convinced that having sticky poo after ingesting the kind of cereals used to make glue is just a placebo effect. All in my head, not on my bottom.

  • Well, you can watch Fat, sick and nearly dead. Juice fasting leads to get rid of diseases. Period.

  • After all, maybe this is true for those juices that you bought. I juice fresh organic produce and the results are real. Not trying to argue. I read "The China Study" which is real science. You should read it too.

  • I had a family member who was getting a colonoscopy. He wasn't allowed anything but "clear liquids" for 36hrs prior. He lost 6 pounds. It very well could've just been the lack of fecal matter, but his doctor stated "uncleansed" material that gets left behind

  • That liver and those kidneys were freakin adorable, good on ya

  • Thanks Hank! I'm an omnivorous hippie and often find myself in a conversation with some sparkly eyed lunatic telling me about the undigested meat in my gut. I'm sure they won't ever see this because they're still wondering whether or not the Earth is flat on their YouTube channels, but I never felt like they knew what the hell they were talking about even when I meet the smarter ones they all have a certain jenesequa

  • Welp there goes my plan or juice fasting, I guess eating healthy will have to do :/

  • Yes, let's completely ignore those who get well from life-threatening illness because they drank juice, eh? Good strategy…

  • You should have at least addressed that they basically a bunch of healthy fruits and vegetables with a lot of important vitamins and minerals.

  • I wasn't aware that I was watching Adam Ruins Everything ….. Lol

  • Have this guy not heard of constipation?!

  • The Illusion of Expensive Benefits:

    "Because it costs more, it's better for you." This is usually a Hoax.
    Just because brown eggs cost more doesn't make it better than white eggs.
    You can't just make something taste better by adding more money.

  • One of the reason why people really really hate marketing

  • want to detoxify yur muscles?
    Just stop moving for ten days and your body will reset the muscles into optimal state!

  • fiber. fiber will clear ya out

  • I mean, the juices themselves are probably perfectly healthy. Here's an idea: till up a bit of your yard, plant some kale, grow it, harvest it, shred it up, freeze it, and drink a smoothie made from that and whatever fruit you feel like having every morning. Repeat each season, so that you can do that with your breakfast every day. You're healthier from the excersize, you're outside in the fresh air more, you're happier because of the activity, and you're eating better. If you're generally healthy beforehand, you could probably do that and eat like an average American the rest of the time and be perfectly fine. Turns out, the human body is freaking awesome. Don't do something stupid, and you'll generally be alright.

  • If you don't breathe for 3 days it`ll cleanse and reset your lungs!

  • This video is a total crock of BS. They obviously speak with no personal experience. I have done a 95 day juice fast and I still had solid bowels on days into the 80's. What a joke

  • I tried those juices and kinda helped me… so my mom won't complain me not eating my vegetables haha. I drink it like everyday but all "juice cleansers" for a *WEEK*? Bro…

  • I used to do juice fasts, but juice is crap, so I just fast now.

  • Well.. at least placebo is scientifically proven

  • I agree with these facts.
    But I do it to feel good. Not for weight loss or anything. It just feels nice when you're drinking an ice cold smoothie..

  • I do juice fast once in a while when I'm in a bad eating streak and i just want my body to consume healthy vitamins and nutrients from the vegetables I never eat lol . Yes you don't need to fast for that but i want to lose water weight and also the food you eat soke the water you consume making your skin sometimes dry, This purifies your skin and makes it look nice and smooth. Would I do this often ? No. I'm doing this to lose water weight and going back to a good diet once again.

  • Missed out the point about vitamins and minerals. Didn't fit your narrative I suppose.

  • It appears this gentleman has zero background in environmental health. As an environmental scientist myself, cleansing is extraordinarily important to help the body combat many of the PCBs, pesticides, VOCs that harm our cells. Juice cleanses do offer many times more bio available minerals we don't consume regularly. But the best cleanse isn't a cleanse. It's a lifestyle eating organic fruits and vegetables high in fiber with each meal. So juicing can be helpful if we're mineral deficient, which most of us are. But overall, many cleanses aren't worth your time. Just eat lots of plant matter to help the body's natural cleansing process.

  • juice fasting is great for getting your body into ketosis.

  • Fasting is natures way of healing, most if not all animals (besides most humans) fast when sick. Juice fasting is a type of a fast where you still get some nutrients but the body but relieve the work of digestion, allowing the body to heal itself. Fasting is not a hoax, it is an aspect of nature, as is eating. I do not like the "fad" aspect of juice fasting and I don't like "faddist". But contrary to what this video assumes, fasting is a part of nature, not a fad.

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