3-Meal Dinner Meal Prep Under 350 Calories: Chinese-Styled Chicken and Broccoli

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We’re about to celebrate the Lunar New Year now in Singapore and with the festivities everywhere, I’m inspired to make something that fulfils the Chinese side of me this week and next.

To start off, I’m sharing my recipe for a classic Chinese-styled Chicken and Broccoli! I remembered when I was losing weight six years ago, this is staple food for me. I have this nearly most nights, it’s refreshing and delicious especially if you choose the freshest of all broccoli’s that you can find and it’s only around 300 calories, with 30g of protein. Amazing.


They say eating healthy in Asia is nearly impossible. It’s expensive, fresh foods are difficult to get, and really – why eat healthy when we can have all this delicious and cheap street food around us.

But I want to turn that around.

Together, with you.

Asian food is awesome. It’s cheap and with certain tweaks to the recipes, you can make it healthy. And let’s face it, we’re Asians and busy, so let’s save our time and prep our meals for the next 3 days.

Every Thursday I will be uploading a walkthrough recipe video on YouTube that is cheap, fast and nutritious. You can either have them as a meal for your family of six or as a meal prep for 3-4 days.

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