"The Juice Cleanse is a Scam" || Chasing Excellence


In this episode: We’re covering some of the foods you want to consider avoiding in your pursuit of better health, as well as a breakdown of how some simple changes can have a huge impact on the overall quality of what you’re eating.

Show Notes:

03:26 – The importance of understanding carbs
05:22 – Defining carbohydrates
06:47 – Why all calories aren’t equal
09:30 – Yogurt
10:20 – Wheat bread
11:08 – [Jimmy Kimmel clip: https://youtu.be/AdJFE1sp4Fw
12:17 – Organic foods
13:21 – Smoothies
15:23 – Juice cleanses
16:08 – Dried fruit
18:52 – Iced tea
20:03 – Energy and sports drinks
21:06 – Coffee drinks
21:43 – Wraps
22:33 – Rice
23:45 – Sauces and dressings
25:05 – Protein bars
26:42 – Here’s a list of words used that all mean sugar: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/56-different-names-for-sugar
27:51 – Day of eating comparison
30:40 – Quick definition of low carb, super low carb, & keto
36:39 – Carb timing around workouts


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Chasing Excellence is a show dedicated to dissecting what it means to live a life of excellence, both inside the gym & out. On each episode, we’ll deep dive on various aspects of running a CrossFit affiliate, becoming a better coach or athlete, & maximizing your potential.

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  • Drying fruit removes water, not fibre. Basically, it is less satisfying because it doesn't trigger the stretch receptors in your stomach, so it is easy to overeat. Drying increases the calorie density of the food because the water weight is removed. No fibre is removed in the drying process.

  • Great show, but I wanted to take a second and respond to one of the points made. Just to clarify, "organic" produce does not mean that you cannot use chemicals to treat against pests. It simply restricts the chemicals that you are allowed to spray. Many farms that are organic use some sort of spray or application at some point in the growing process. Organic does not mean chemical free.

  • Hey guys, Ben can you possibly do a podcast/video where you do ‘geek out ‘ on nutrition. Maybe one on each macronutrient? That would be awesome!

  • Sorry Ben. Let’s like you say stop at quality of food and only compare quantity of food. Then you can also get fat from eating too much fat or protein and not just carbs (sugar). You can still get fat from eating a Keto diet if you’re calories intake is too high.

  • What are your thoughts on ice creams like Halo Top? Is it a good alternative to regular ice cream?

  • Patrick, love the nutrition stuff. Can you address alcohol consumption? As a coach I find it’s the one vice that people in CrossFit indulge in. People don’t smoke or get high, but they will drink wine and beer. The media and science is contradictory. 2 glasses of wine is good one study. Any alcohol is bad another study. Besides the obvious “avoid” answer. Alcohol is the one vice that is imbedded in our culture. Even if you don’t drink it’s impossible to not be exposed to it. How does this fit within the framework of those who train seriously?

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