The Ultimate Low Carb Bars | Nature Valley Copy Cat Recipe

The Ultimate Low Carb Bars | Nature Valley Copy Cat Recipe
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The Ultimate Low Carb Bars | Nature Valley Copy Cat Recipe
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  • How about if I use walnuts instead? Would it work ?

  • I was looking at the ingredients on Stoka bars, and it lists inulin powder, as opposed to psyllium husk. Has anyone tried this with inulin instead?

  • I tried these but they didn’t stay together. Tastes great though.

  • Add a whipped egg white


  • This powder butter is actually butter with Maltodextrin ( mostly tapioca) and 1/2 Tbsp has 4 carbs . Just get regular good butter and add 1 tesp of tapioca or even coconut flour .

  • So I finally made these today and well, they didn't hold together at all. I went by the recipe to the T exactly. I'm so very disappointing! 😞

  • Made these they are spot on. Thank you for this.

  • Agree with Matt that butter powder has multiple uses. Does help in fat bombs, can go in shakes and you can add it to make a Bulletproof coffee when travelling. Way easier than taking butter with me!

  • If in the UK, You can now get a 300g tub of butter powder off amazon, called Hoosier Hill Farm, for £10!!! ( think it's the very one he's using.)

  • I gave in and bought the butter powder and OMG! So good and worth the buy. These bars are great and crunchy
    and I have made this twice since I saw the recipe last weekend.

  • I love these I have made them every week for the last 2 months! My kids love them too.

  • Can you use any nut? Allergic to almonds.

  • Can you use other nuts instead of just almonds? I.e. Pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts and or macadamia nuts?

  • I can not get butter powder in UK, is there an alternative to use or will it still work without it?

  • Mine are still really crumbly not sticking together that great. How might I get them to stick together better?

  • That lyrical Lemonade top though!

  • I bought some of the Stoka bars, they are the best!!

  • I prefer calling them “fucking crumbs everywhere bars “

  • I will start by sayin this recipe is ABSOLUTELY justification for buying the butter powder!!! I have made these multiple times already! I made them with your original recipe, then I swapped out and did half pecans and half almonds. I added a touch of salt, some brown sugar erythritol, and some dessicated coconut. When I tell you they were AMAZING…I'm actually understating it. I made bite size in a mini muffin mold and bars. The bars needed to cook longer but both were intact and amazingly crispy and crunchy. My whole family and all my coworkers love them. Thank you guys so much. I absolutely love your recipes and I always recommend people to subscribe to your channel and get your book!

  • WOW, I made these, they are AWESOME, saved me $$$$. These are about $24 on Amazon in the Stoka brand. I also made them with a cup of pecans and pumpkin pie spice. Even better. Betcha could make them with macadamia nuts too. My hubby. And friends at workout loved them too. Thanks for your recipes, y’all are da bomb. 💕💕

  • The flavor the butter powder adds is incredible. I used pecans and the favorite recipe of all time!!

  • What brand is the mold… I can’t find the size you use anywhere. I did make them with a smaller mold and they came out great. I had enough for about five more so I added some Keto maple syrup ( fiber yum and maple extract) and it made ten a little chewy and held together better and a nice maple flavor

  • You guys just ROCK!

  • I made these and they tasted wonderful – I don't make many keto desserts because they are always disappointing but this just knocks it out of the park. It tasted exactly like granola to me. I couldn't get them to hold together but that's probably because I used a small baking pan instead of molds. I ate the crumbles with a splash of cream like cereal and it was heaven. I used about two tablespoons of coconut oil because the 1/2 tbs in the recipe barely even moistened the "batter" and I used 15 instead of 20 drops of stevia because I like things a bit less sweet. I look forward to trying again with silicon molds. I was able to find a much smaller jar of butter powder on Amazon (7 oz).
    There is only one keto dessert I make on a semi-regular basis and it also comes from Keto Connect – it's their recipe for ice cream (no machine necessary). It's ridiculously easy and basic and delicious. Thanks to Matt and Megha!

  • Omg Matt, you nailed it with this. I'm taking these on business travel with me. My husband is not keto and he ate half the batch before I had to stop him, he loved them. The purchase of the butter powder is well worth it. It was a perfect recipe. When I blended it up I told myself, "get in here" because I knew it was blended perfect😂😂😂 I used silicone muffin cups and worked great.

  • Bought the butter powder turned out awesome

  • I like your's kitchen now! It became nicer

  • Would cacao butter work instead of the butter powered? Bought that for one recipe too and trying to find ways to use it, ha ha

  • Ooooo yesss!!!!! Thanks for the video guys god bless 😂

  • Can you link to where you purchased the mold you are using please.


    great video!

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