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I have been totally obsessed with using barley in recipes lately, it is such a versatile, affordable, delicious and nutritious grain, that I just cant ignore it. I also love using my ground beef ideas to put together here for easy recipes that can be made part of a nice and simple healthy dinner. This barley and beef recipe was so incredibly delicious that I would trade it over rice any day of the week, it just has much better texture and flavor. The fact that it is 20%+ fiber per serving is just amazing. For any one struggling with weight loss missing rice, this is a perfect grain to include in your dinner recipes or add to your dinner ideas or meal prep. Barley is also super budget friendly per serving comparable to rice or even cheaper in some places.

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  • I made this yesterday morning.I really enjoyed this dish! Barley is an EXCELLENT replacement for rice. It tastes great, is high in fiber, and supplies U with protein.
    I used ground turkey and my veggies were: roasted green/yellow/red bell peppers, roasted tomatoes, roasted onion and scallions.My seasonings were: garlic, onion, ginger, Jamaican Jerk, thyme, oregano, cumin, chili powders. My other ingredients were mascarpone cheese and coconut milk. The dish was a hit with some of my co-workers! Thank you 4 a super recipe!

  • You say barley is a good replacement for rice & has fiber? I think I'll try it with spinach, carrots & ground turkey. .. I hope I like the taste of it.😅

  • this looks totally amazing! barley in a wok? my fusion meter is pegging!:)

  • Nice thats healthy and it looks good.

  • I will be making this, it looks wonderful, thank you for sharing.

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