Fish and potato chowder | WCRF UK Healthy Recipes

Creme fraiche makes this chowder deliciously creamy. If you’re serving this for a dinner party, stir in king prawns and scallops to add some luxury to this dish.

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1 teaspoon olive oil
1 onion, finely chopped
2 sticks celery, finely chopped
500ml reduced-salt fish or vegetable stock
300ml skimmed milk
200g baby new potatoes, halved
100g skinless smoked haddock, diced
200g skinless white fish, eg. cod or pollack, diced
198g can salt-free sweetcorn
2 tablespoons low-fat creme fraiche
2 tablespoons fresh chives, finely chopped
Freshly ground black pepper

Heat the oil in a large pan over a medium heat. Gently cook the onion and celery for 10 minutes, or until soft.
Add the stock, milk and potatoes, and bring to the boil.
Simmer for 10 minutes or until they’re cooked through.
Stir in the fish, sweetcorn and black pepper. Simmer for about 5 minutes or until the fish is just cooked.
Remove from the heat and carefully stir through the creme fraiche and most of the chives. Season with black pepper.
Divide between four bowls, garnish with remaining chives and serve.

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