88 Calorie Tomato Egg Rice – Quick, Easy, Low Calorie Meal

Took me less than 5 mins to fry this up! And 88 calories thanks to the konjac rice! The result was a tangy and sweet comfort food!😋😋 n so filling! Insta @1150_calories

Recipe :

1 sachet konjac rice (7 calories)

1 tbsp Heinz ketchup (17 calories)

1 tbsp pork floss (12 calories)



2 cocktail tomatoes (15 calories)

1 egg white (15 calories)

60g cabbage (15 calories)

2ml Reduced fat mayo (7 calories)

1. Boil cabbage and tomatoes. Remove when skin of tomatoes look shrivelled

2. Rinse konjac rice under cold water and empty into pan. Turn pan on low heat

3. Transfer boiled veggies onto pan.

4. Add ketchup. Start mixing well and stir frying ingredients on pan

6. Whisk egg white until frothy

5. Add egg white on pan and wait until half cooked, then cut up egg into small pieces

6. Mix all ingredients on pan well

7. Stevia and salt to taste (as much/little as u want)

8. Mix all and stir fry a lil more

9. Transfer onto bowl and put 1 tbsp on floss and 2ml mayo

10. Enjoy with diet soda and netflix

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