Peanut Butter Banana Protein Bars

These delicious HOMEMADE snack bars pack a punch of protein but don’t include the added sugars found in many packaged protein bars. Get this recipe and other heart-healthy recipes at

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  • Where are the macros for this recipe's protein bar?
    This would be a delicious meal replacement but in my opinion, there are way too much carbs in there.
    If I were you, I would rather to get some nice whey protein isolate in there and reduce the amount of carb. I wouldn't have put Chia seed, walnuts or cinnamon in there. I would definitely add the banana and peanut butter but I would not get the carb content to be higher than 10g per 100g bar as I am on a low carb high protein diet. I would also have used the sweetener instead of sugar.
    For the protein, I would say that I need at least 40 grams per 100 grams bar. The protein bar I am using right now is the HPLC (High Protein Low Carb) bar made by Aussie Bodies. It tastes really good to me and it helped me a lot to slim down and bulk up at the same time.

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