Low Carb Vegetable Medley with Pork Chops

This side dish is our favorite way to fix summer vegetables. Yes I know that I put corn into the mixture, but every once in a while it is nice to have corn in our low carb way of eating.


  • yep, this looks like a winner, Gayle!  I will definitely be trying this out.  will have to tweak it a bit and use the veggies i have on hand but looks quite tasty, thanks for sharing! and i already went and found you on FB 🙂 keep 'em coming girlfriend!

  • Thanks for another delightful recipe, Gayle! Everything you added to your vegetable medley makes my mouth water. When I was young I disliked vegetables, but I think we all change our attitude for the better in this regard. You seasoned the pork chops perfectly, so the whole meal looks absolutely yummy! Thank you for the splendid meal idea!

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