counting calories for vegan weight loss

This video is SPECIFICALLY for people who are desiring to lose weight on a vegan diet but still struggling to find what works best for them! My intention is merely to give some suggestions regarding what worked for me and a to emphasize the importance of nutrients! It is NOT in any way advice for someone who is struggling with an eating disorder. Thank you for understanding, watching, and for all of your constant love and support.











  • I know this has been out for a year and a half but it's exactly what I needed to see. since Christmas I've been changing my eating habits and lifestyle slowly. I have been really beginning to understand and get to know my body and what it wants and what certain foods do to it. I've gained 13 kilos being vegan over 4 years (though it's fluctuated a fair bit). finally sick of it and want to do this right. I'm only counting calories to begin with so I can get a better visual perspective of my food portions but I'm already starting to do it more intuitively. I'm understanding the days I feel less hungry and more hungry and how to satisfy that without eating junk food or spending money going out for food 😊 it feels so refreshing to finally take care of myself instead of 'fuxk it, just treat yoself!' day after day, month after month. I used to lie to myself and say it was self love to binge on chips, but really it's self love to actually give your body what it loves!

  • Talking too fast, double-talking, contradicting your own advice. Slow down. Breathe. Get more data.

  • rawtil4 is just a fatpacker even without counting O_O…my weight is usually very stable..

    I gained 10-15 within just a month or two on raw til 4 and I was NOT trying to hit the calorie minimum..I didn't count calories, I almost never do; it's hard to keep track for me…yikes..perhaps freelee has a tapeworm or something because I'm genuinely confused…that was literally the heaviest I've been just from raw til 4

  • Calories count ,,,and cooking vegetable fats too much is bad for your heart it breaks them down to the bad fats your trying to avoid .
    Watch omega 3 to omega 6 ratio.
    Should be 1-4. Atleast.
    Vegans still have heart attacks.
    Too many vegan veggies gain tons of weight in the beginning or more then they already had at the start desiring to lose.
    Limit fruit unless you burn it all off.
    The same stuff in fruit is in vegetables.
    Fats are needed for human survival and satiation.

  • Your my favorite vegan youtuber, I enjoy how you take the time to help other people.

  • that would be useful, thank you! Loved this vid. I am looking to lose weight to feel happier in myself, and i find tracking keeps me motivated to eat healthy, and defo wouldnt go crazy hungry if i felt i needed more. xx

  • Me when I eat to much I feel bad, NOT GUILTY, but bad like my belly feel bad because he's toooo full, So counting calories is not bad

  • well said Kate … I agree with everything you said. I do all of these things except the regular green juice which I wish to start incorporating. this all works really well with me also. you are really lovely and a great raw vegan inspiration xxx

  • I do agree that eating more raw vegatables and having the right nutrition . I personally eat when Im hungry and Im a vegan, also a runner. I have lost so much weight just by switching to a whole food plant based diet, let alone feel fuller now . I personally dont track calories, I just make sure I get enough nutrition with my meals. Excercise helps allot to keep the pounds down and once you start dropping the weight you wont feel so hungry you will just get full quicker. Try not to snack too much, just because its vegan doesnt mean you wont put on pounds.

  • I'm always confused with the fat/carb ratio? Some say low fats but i see eating a ton of avocados and nut butters? New vegan here trying to lose weight, help 🙂

  • I think everyone, regardless of being vegan, should watch your video. You speak about calories and nutrients in a logical and down to earth way. Way too many YouTubers irresponsibly claim stuff that has worked for them as "healthy" and their viewers blindly follow everything without questioning anything.

  • Your eyes are soooooo blue 😍

  • You covered this topic sooo eloquently!

  • Just had to share this- I joined a raw vegan page on Facebook and 90% of the people in it are..nuts. Lol. You have to eat at least 3000 calories, if your hair falls out it’s okay, you should only eat fruit, one woman lost eleven and a half pounds in ten days and they were congratuluating her. 😨 Thanks for being one of the sane ones.

  • I just cited this video in an argumentative essay about veganism. Wish me luck lol. Maybe you'll get me an A.

  • I've watched about 100 weight loss youtube videos. This is the most common sense video I've watched!

  • I just bought your smoothie challenge eBook and its amaizing thankyou! I would like to see a what i eat in a day video with calorie counting

  • Thanks Kate….would love to here more….I myself went rawtill4 and 80/10/10…..and it didn't work for me….plus i don't think im getting enough vitamins. …thanks again

  • To be honest, some of what you say is totally valid. Like raw til four and eating 8 banana smoothies being ridiculous and not the best way to get nutrients… but then you try to make points about things that are just patently untrue. Tropical fruits do not have more fat nor are they more macronutrient "balanced" then other fruit. Pineapple, mango, papaya, etc are actually very sugary because they grow so rapidly in tropical climates- they are super juicy and super sweet, unlike the firm, less sweet apples, pears, and other tree fruit of temperate climates. I think for as much time as you spend trying to be non confrontational to people like freelee and nonjudgemental to viewers who might not like what you're saying you should be emphasizing that you are not a doctor, not a nutritionist, and you are not educated or qualified to be advising people on their food choices. What you're saying overall is obvious to any thinking person, but this is YouTube and telling people bananas from the grocery store are not "the best" food choice when 99% of people are eating McDonald's and candy bars is just out of touch.

  • Thank you sooo much this video changed my life I wish I would have seen this sooner

  • Yes do them 🙂

    You're awesome :*

  • I miss your song intro and flowers!!!

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