The benefits of juice cleansing are HUGE

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The benefits for juice cleansing our huge! Because the juice is very easy to digest and it is so filled with nutrients it perfect for cleansing and detoxing. OUr bodies spend a lot of energy on the digesting process… when we give that process a break our bodies natural self healing mechanism turns on!! There is nothing is juice that will cause you to put on LBS so juice cleansing is great for weight loss and total body detoxing. Juicing can also be part of an overall cleansing diet. By adding a juice to your every day routine your going to add lots of vital nutrients in a low calorie, super low fat, easy to digest form. When you juice you will see improvements in your:
-hair, skin, and nails
-you will have more energy and vitality
– you will cleanse and detox!!

Vibrant Health comes from a HOLISTIC approach. The way you move, what you eat, how you nourish your spirit, the people you surround yourself with, how you manage stress, how much fun you have, how much excitement you evoke, how you relate to your thoughts, and how much you laugh determine how healthy you are and how good you feel.

Holistic Health Activation is here to help you get into the greatest health of your life by providing a road map through the confusion and into a life of vitality.


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