In this video I show you 3 fat loss meal ideas. One that is low carb/moderate fat, one that is high carb low fat and one that is low carb and low fat. These are all full of vegetables and high in protein. Because of the great macronutrient breakdown of these meals, they are super good for weight loss. They’re also quick and easy to put together.

My video on how to make the perfect weight loss meal:

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LOW CALORIE MEAL IDEA🥗🌯 – When dieting down, I used to make a lot of meals like this one👆 Reason being, it is super low in calories but high in volume and in flavour!!😋😋 and that is absolute key to staying full and satisfied while still losing weight 🔑 – 1. Romaine lettuce 🐰 2. Onions and peppers cooked in spray Oil and oregano and paprika 🌶🌿 3. Five ounces of Chicken breast (weighted cooked) cooked with a fajita spice blend😛 4. 50g of salsa 🍅 fresh cilantro 🌿(that had been frozen which is why it looks kinda socky oops) and sriracha🌶🌶 – Haha obviously first time making one of these, inspiration came from @meowmeix Hope everyone is having a great Friday! 💛💛😄😄

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Low Fat / High Carb Meal Idea 👇🍠💡 – 💥Just want to say that I don’t encourage extremely low fat diets!!🙅‍♂️ But implementing meals like these that are very low in fat gives you ability to eat other high-fat meals throughout the day (🍕🍔🍩) without screwing your calories! It is all about that ~BALANCE~ 🥗🎂 – So now that that’s out of the way, here’s what’s inside this loaded bowl of goodness🤩 1. Broccoli 🥦 sautéed with oregano, garlic powder, ginger and paprika😋 2. 500g of sweet potato (quite a lot) baked🍠🍠🍠 3. Grilled chicken breast cooked with a fajita spice blend👌(5oz cooked weight) 4. @sriracha_fg and a squeeze Lemon for that flavour explosion😛💥 – Cals: 678 Fat: 6 Carbs: 105 Protein: 53 – As I’ve mentioned before I’ve kinda transitioned into intuitive eating, but I’m still including the macros because I know the importance of energy-balance (when it comes to weightmanagement) , and I know a lot of people are killing it with If It Fits Your Macros !! Hope y’all are having a fan-tas-tic Saturday night🍾

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Happy Monday!!☕️☕️☕️ Here is a Low Carb/Low Calorie meal idea 💡😛👇 (also check my story) – Having meals that are lower in carbs and higher in fat are super beneficial for long-lasting satiety and fullness! 🍴 And it’s also a great opportunity get in some veggies because they are super low in carbs!🎃🌿 I don’t follow a low carb diet (I eat between 300-400carbs a day) but I still implement meals like these so I can eat ALL THE PASTA later on 🍝🍝😂! – 1. Cauli-rice🍚 2. Roasted kabocha squash🎃🎃 (THE BEST!) 3. Organic chicken breast, grilled after being marinated in: Soy, Mirin, tiny bit of avocado oil🥑, sambal oelek and fresh garlic and ginger 😋😋 4. For the fats I used some guac🥑(40g), other great fat sources to add here would be: Cheese, Sour Cream, Various nuts & seeds, tahini, pesto and the list goes on📝 – For those interested, here are the Macros for this meal👇: Calories: 327 Fat: 11 Carbs: 19 Protein: 36 – Hope you’re crushing the sh** out of your Monday 😆😆💛💛

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List of all ingredients used in these recipes:
– Romaine lettuce
– Organic Chicken breast
– Salsa
– Fresh cilantro
– Sriracha
– Red onion
– Bell pepper
– Sweet potato
– Brocolli
– Lemon
– Riced-cauliflower/cauliflower rice
– Kabocha Squash
– Guacemole (store bought)
– Various seasonings: Dried oregano, paprika, salt pepper and more

Macros for Bowl #1
Fat: 5
Carbs: 15
Protein: 47

Macros for Bowl #2
Fat: 6
Carbs: 105
Protein: 53

Macros for Bowl #3
Calories: 326
Fat: 11
Carbs: 19
Protein: 36

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