Eat More Food With Less Calories (700 Calorie Meals Ep 1) DiTuro Productions

Simple suggestions for cutting calories while eating more food dining out or cooking at home. Comparison of ingredients and nutrients in prepared foods and home cooked foods. How to prepare simple home cooked meals without cooking from scratch by using minimally processed foods.

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  • generally i agree with that video. but i would say that it should be 600 kcal per meal, because i would save some kcal for drinks. for example i dring 2 cups of milk a day, which is around 200 kcal. but generally yes, it is a good idea in this video. there is too many diet videos here in youtube, but not so many teaching how to eat normally…but also socalled nonhealthy foods have to be fitted in daily meny, because this regime is not short time plan, its new lifestyle and it hast to be sustainable…. ofcourse not every day dessert or chips, but couple of times a week. all foods have to be included, its about portions sizes etc

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