Dr. Oz Shares the Health Benefits of Curry

Dr. Oz and Aarti Sequeira explain the many health benefits of cooking with curry.


  • The below message is dedicated to all the Indian cooks who spend double the time than western food so the food taste fresh and healthy.
    Indian food is one of the best foods for below reasons.

    All the items are made from scratch. So one don’t need to add artificial chemicals.

    The healthy foods taste bitter – not just Indian but any cuisine. Same holds with Indian and they are less eaten in restaurants, however people eat roti (made from whole wheat, whole jowar, whole bajra etc) without oil in most cases. This is complimented by vegetables cooked together (I do agree some people overcook, but some does not)

    The non-vegetarian is cooked well done to get rid of any bacteria or virus or similar.

    Idli, dosa batter is made at home with raw materials so no chemicals generally eaten for breakfast. People who carve for taste more than health eat something like Puri or Vada.

    The Indian food outside india is bad for multiple reasons – They cook using chicken thighs or unhealthy fats that is cheaper in respective countries. All the unhealthy items are presented that tastes great to attract customers. No Indian restaurant outside india serves ragi balls, roti made from Jowar or Bajra while this is still a common daily food in India.

    People avoid usage of chemicals or storing food for more than 5 – 6 hours as they prefer fresh when the food is prepared in india.

    Italy has healthy vegetables in salads while the pizzas with lots of cheese and all purpose flour, raising agents and artificial flavors. American Chinese has healthy soups and main course along side unhealthy items like orange chicken etc. American breakfast has oats cooked and eaten with walnuts vs Waffles in high calorie syrup or friend potatoes. Wealthy and wise choose healthy while others … remaining.

    My family does not add curry powder in a curry. Its merely some onions, tomatoes cooked to form a curry base with vegetables. I eat this at least 5 days with roti most of the time. We choose paneer ( which is curdled fresh and made as curry or tikka within an hour) over cheese since that is processed.

    We choose butter over other ingredients since its pure from milk. People pay more to the Non GMO foods and buy it at higher price. Cilantro found in India gets

    Pesticides and hard metals has been the issue in India due to population ☹

    In southern India consumption of rice is more than required and reason being people in south were from farming families who need lot of calories to burn during farming. Agree there has been a change in most of the families on this regard and they switch to healthier alternates.

    There is good and bad in every cuisine across the globe. Lets respect individual cuisine and food. Bon Appetite

  • The elites will always hide, or supress the truth.

  • curry butter chicken—you will no long eat regular chicken again-you can feel health in every bite

  • Can you send me the study that linked curry to lower altzeimers rates

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  • Right… so this title is a bit misleading, isn't it. Absolutely no health benefits were discussed in any way, shape or form.

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