Ten Low Syn/ Low Calorie Snacks #1 | Snacks under 100 | Slimming World Snacks | Olivia Elise

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Hi everyone,! Today I decided to share 10 snacks that are low syn and under 100 calories that you can fit into your everyday eating plan. No matter what stage we are in our journey we all get those naughty little cravings, but if we know what low calorie snacks are available we can curb them without to much damage 😉 Enjoy! xxx

Snack 1: Cadburys highlight hot chocolate: 38 Calories/2 Syns
10 mini marshmallows: 17 Calories/1 Syn

Snack 2: Party Rings: 38 Calories/1.5 Syns per biscuit

Snack 3: Hartleys low fat Jellies: 4-10 Calories/ 0.5 Syns

Snack 4: Hula Hoop Pufts: 72 Calories/3.5 Syns

Snack 5: Meringue Nests: Around 50 Calories/ 2.5 Syns

Snack 6: Choc Shot: 14 Calories per tsp/ 0.5 Syns per tsp

Snack 7: Double lollipops: 41 Calories/ 2 Syns

Snack 8: Freddo Chocolate: 95 Calories/ 5.5 Syns

Snack 9: Ice breaker sours: 1 Syn for 10 or 5 Syns for whole pack

Snack 10: Gin and Slimline Tonic can: 74 Calories/ 4 Syns

Happy treating 🙂 xxx


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