Pork Marinade (Keto Friendly)

Hey Low Carb or Keto community!

If you are looking for a tangy marinade, then you are in for a treat!
This delicious pork marinade will blow your taste buds away.

Full Recipe: https://wp.me/p9ATvW-38

My name is Gen and I love to document my weight loss journey. Ever since I was little, I struggled losing weight and I have been trying ever since. I became successful at one point and I fell right of it. 2 months ago, I took the challenge and gave up carbohydrates and sweets that I thought I could not live without (rice, bread, pasta, ice cream, donuts, chocolate ETC) and I started the low-carb journey known as the #ketogenic diet. I was impressed by the results. I came from 169 lbs down to 152 lbs (currently).

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Disclosure: I am not a nutritionist, certified personal trainer or a doctor. The information provided on my website and youtube channel are based on my personal experiences with a ketogenic diet. Before starting any new diet you should consult with a physician.

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