Juicing on a Ketogenic Diet?

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Dr. Berg talks about jucing on a ketogenic diet. You have fruit juice and vegetable juice. Fruit juice is too high in sugar because you are taking out of fiber. Fiber buffers the sugar effect. You can juice vegetables but it’s difficult without the fruit juice, so if you can do this – then fine. The whole vegetable is best, because you can get the fiber too. Blending is much better than juicing. Buying juice is pasturized and this kills off the enzymes nullifying the results.

Using the wheat grass juice powder is okay because you have only 1 gram of sugar.

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  • Will drinking straight V8 juice cause n kick you out of ketosis. And is it ok to drink it on the me to diet?

  • Can you touch on celery juice on Keto?

  • I have started a blended juice fast of mainly green vegetables and a small amount of fruit – I consume the juice blends in the morning and evenings. During the day I eat a few fruits like apples and pears and for lunch a green salad, cucumber and tomatoes. So far I am feeling well and losing weight well too.
    Once i complete the cleanse I would like to transition to a low-carb high-fat ketogenic diet. Has anyone tried this and transitioned successfully?

  • Most people are not even fat adapted, that take months of learning what you need to stay on in ketosis 24/7, so this will only hurt thier efforts of getting healthy, just so they can fool themselves.

  • how good is rocca leaves ?

  • Hi Be Berg, is is ok to eat ginger on a ketogenic diet?

  • Wow. keto isn’t as easy as people are making it seem. No fruit 😞. Eating fruits is one of my healthiest expensive habit. Guess Keto isn’t for me.

  • Dr.Berg, I juice Bittermelon, Celery,Cucumber,Lime,Grapefruit only 4 oz a day would that be ok ?

  • Dr Berg Can you add Stevia to the Veg Juice?

  • Is there a simple way to calculate carb values for juicing veg? At the moment I'm simply taking the stated carb amounts at face value and not deducting the fibre amount. Something is niggling at me that carbs eaten are not the same as carbs juiced, even when the fibre isn't deducted from the juice amount.

  • You can add liquid stevia 😃

  • Actually juice still contains fiber, the soluble fiber and discards the insoluble

  • heres my morning breakfast routine;

    within 30 minutes of waking up, i drink 
    1 cold press lemon, 
    1 cold press lime
    add 1 tbls ACV (i use Braggs)
    add enough (filtered) water to bring up to 1 cup

    while I'm warming up my organic bone broth. i shuck 1 piece of garlic crush/mince and set aside to oxidize. 
    i drink the organic bone broth. take a shower, get dressed for work. then i go back into the kitchen to…

    different types of Kale (red, rainbow, etc) about a handful
    a few sprigs of Cilantro
    1 cucumber (skinned)
    1 inch ginger root
    1 inch turmeric root
    1/4 slice of onion (i use yellow)
    1 medium red beet w/top
    every other day i add 1 whole tomato
    periodically i add 1 carrot
    every 3rd day ill add a thin 1/4 inch slice of cabbage (red, green, whatever I'm feeling atm)

    once that is combined, i now add
    2 tbls MCT oil or coconut oil melted. luke warm is good
    1 tbls grass fed butter melted. slightly melted is good (i use Kerry Gold)
    1 tbls Spirulina ( i use Nutrex Pure Hawaiian)
    1/2 tsp cinnamon (ceylon if i have it) (cassia is good, but i read its not ok to take every day for long periods)
    1/2 tsp turmeric pwdr ( i know i added the 1 inch root already, but i like this too 🙂
    1/2 tsp cayenne pepper (to increase the effect of turmeric)
    1 tbls caocao powder
    1 tbls maca powder (3 days on, 2 days off) 

    i pour this into a large peanut butter jar (Adams) that i have. it usually comes up to almost half. i pour in unsweetened almond milk to bring it up to the halfway point. you might think thats enough but wait theres more lol…

    i put the lid on and shake well. remove lid
    add the oxidizing garlic from earlier
    2 raw pasture raised chicken eggs

    now my system is primed and ready for this power packed drink. ready to absorb all the nutrients and benefits of natural raw food (mostly)

    last but not least, i pop 2-6 fish oil pills ( i use younglo)
    after i drink this concoction i will eat 2-4 brazil nuts (for the selenium) mostly to get the veggie taste out of my mouth. no one ever said healthy taste good.

    I've been doing this everyday for over 18 months. i could easily go 24 hours on this drink when i eat an avocado and 1 oz of protein with it in the morning. my particular method (lately) is usually 5 days on a 1 day eating cycle, then 2 days of 2 meals a day. the second meal is always a large salad with 2 oz. of protein, an avocado, some kerry gold cheese, seaweed, and sometimes various additions like olives and such.  its been a work in progress up until this point.
    i take a brisk walk every other day (at least 45 mins to an hour) some calisthenics. some weight lifting. I've lost 180 lbs. i can say by drinking this everyday for the last 18 months i feel clear in body, mind, and well, still working on the spirit part. due to the recently added maca and ashwaganda to help with the hormone imbalance. 

    much of this formula stems from Dr Berg. he was the very first person that popped up on my search 2 years ago. he has educated me through simple talk of complex issues. i had no idea why my right scapula was hurting. or how insulin resistance worked or even what insulin was for that matter. so much good information.
     thank you Dr Berg. you may have saved my life.

  • I cant get 7-10 cups of veggies in one meal, so i have to juice some of the veggies with lemon and ginger,a down side of one meal a day.

  • I did cabbage parsley kale dandelion ginger lemon and a drop of stevia !

  • can i tak
    e just 50ml of Aloe vera juice on my keto as i have rheumatoid arthritis

  • Please I want to know could drink weatgrass juice in keto dit?

  • D F

    when you juice those veggies, you're breaking the fiber cell and you end up with sugar juice…dip a diabetic glucose stick in that juice you blended up and you'll see it turn black bc you basically made glucose. Sticking with whole fiber foods will keep the fiber intact, slowing the glucose effect. Dr Bernstein talks about this often.

  • I know this man is busy but it would really be helpful if he answered a few questions. Everyone does not want to join your website just to get simple answers addressed. It is apparent you are in this to make money anyone who takes the Adrenal Body Type survey will know. JUST ANSWER A FEW QUESTIONS IT'S NOT GOING TO HURT YOU DOC.

  • LOL your skin doesn't turn orange from the carrot juice. It turns orange because your liver is detoxing. You can continue to drink carrot juice while that's happening and it will stop once the liver is cleansed. Keep drinking the carrot juice. It's one of the best things you can do for overall health.

  • Finally! Been waiting for this for ever

  • I drink veg juice and put some lacto-fermented in it. Give a sparkling taste and good for intestinal microbiote. I'm blotted if i eat raw veg. This way i get the benefits of green veg and the lacto fermented enzyme. Of course you need to have home made fermented veg.

  • I like the video even before looking at it

  • Dr Berg, do you think that for a lean individual the ketogenic diet is appropriate long-term due to the cognitive benefits?

  • I'd like to blend but the only blender out there that does a really good job is a Vitamix, and at $500 I can't afford to blend, so….I juice. My juicer was 1/4 the price.

  • Dr Berg, what do you think of this Daith piercing stuff being a cure for migraines?

  • +Eric Berg thanks for answering my question, and so quickly! I'm already doing the Wheat Grass Juice Powder.. it's awesome! Thanks for all the informative videos.

  • dr berg are you giving dating advices – i really would love some – ylou are a smart man – tell me how to understand woman

  • Dr. Norman Walker and the Juiceman cured their illnesses with apple/carrot juice. That was before Roundup though.

  • stay away from carrot juice – gained 5 lbs in 3 days

  • Would you be able to do a video on Raw Dairy comsumption?

  • I use fresh lemon juice and a little ginger to make the vegetable juice more palatable. It tastes much better with lemon added to it.

  • Does taking a wheatgrass shot in the morning trigger an insulin response. I intermittent fast and have stopped wheatgrassing because I think that it will trigger insulin.
    Do you know anything about wheat grass and insulin production?

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