Chicken Curry Recipe – Low fat Balti – Recipes by Warren Nash

A sweet tasting Chicken Curry Balti that’s really simple and quick to make. With a really creamy sauce thanks to the Crème Fraiche.

Curry doesn’t have to be fattening so like this recipe if you hate the thought of using gee!

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Ingredients (Serves 3-4 | Prep time: 5m Cooking time: 25m | 377 calories & 9.5g fat p/serving)

500g Chicken Breasts
x1 Large Onion
Sugar (x2 tbsp)
Garlic (x2 cloves)
Oil (to fry)
Garam Masala (x1 tsp)
Fenugreek (x1 tsp)
Crème Fraiche (200ml)
Cherry Tomatoes (200g)
Bay Leaf (x1)
Star Anise (x1)
Chicken Stock Cube (x1)
Fresh Mint (handful)
Fresh Coriander (handful)
Curry Powder (1 tbsp)


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