WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | 1200 calories

Helllloooo my lil bean sprouts! I actually love bean sprouts so.. Yeah I love you. ANY WHO, here is what I eat while on a cut! Not for everyone, but it works for me 🙂 Meals/ingredients down below!!
Until next time, ♡ Ei

TDEE calculator: https://tdeecalculator.net
Video on how to start losing weight that helped me: https://youtu.be/b_g1DtlAHkk (John, aka ObesetoBeast, is super helpful & genuine)

– 1 cup Greek yogurt (120 calories)
– 1 cup sliced strawberries (50 calories)
– 1/2 cup frozen blueberries (45 calories)
– 1 cup Trader Joe’s Mango O’s (120 calories)
Total: 335 CALORIES

– 1 whole wheat pita bread (220 calories… A lot for just one :/ I would suggest the Joseph’s brand because it has better macros)
– 2 cups romaine lettuce (20 calories)
– 1 whole Persian cucumber (32 calories)
– Turkey pastrami 2 oz (70 calories)
– Tomato and basil hummus dip (35 calories)
Total: 377 CALORIES (I’m not sure what happened here 😱 I changed the recipe since I filmed this and I have no idea what I logged in that made it 10 calories less than what I said in the video… Not a big difference nonetheless!)

– 1 cup egg whites + canola oil spray (150 calories)
– 70 g of broccoli (less than 25 calories)
– 85 g of crimini mushroom (20 calories)
– 3 cups spinach (20 calories)
– Trader Joe’s chunky salsa 2 tablespoons (5 calories)
Total: 220 CALORIES

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QUOTE OF THE DAY to help you through this heck of a thing called life:

“We’ve all hit that point of exhaustion. The point where nothing makes sense anymore. Your body hurts, your brain becomes foggy, and you feel like you’re trapped in a tunnel…when all you want is your bed. So…how do you keep going? How do you not just sit down and give up? Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes you play games in your head. You make up someone, someone good. Whatever you need to keep you going.”
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  • I really don’t understand all the people saying you’re starving yourself. I eat 1200 calories a day just to maintain my weight. Yes obviously if you are a taller person or more active in the day you will require more calories. But I’m only 5’2 and 1200 calories is more than enough for my body.

  • Ooookay so I’m a 5’3” girl and I usually eat 1100 to 1200 calories a day and it’s perfectly healthy. I’m not starving myself I eat until I’m full. I’ve been able to maintain a healthy 114 lbs and I’m happy. Would a tell a grown ass man to eat 1200 calories. No. But as small women we fine!!! You do you girls’

  • I have tried this for a week, it's not as easy as I though it will be…

  • It looks full enough 😍

  • 1200 calories really isn’t that little guys, calm down, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. To maintain my weight, with my height, and age, im only supposed to eat 1400 if I want to maintain and not gain. (however you may want to think of how your measurements and constant reminder of calories in this video could effect others who have an eating disorder)

  • That’s not enough for me for lunch plus do you not eat any snacks between lunch and a late dinner at 8pm? Eggs for dinner? Your ice cream more calories than your dinner 🤔 I couldn’t survive on 1200 calories

  • i didn’t even know 1,200cal was extremely low… i always eat that much or less… and i’m still chubby so…

  • the skinny fat diet lol how do you have energy to workout?

  • Trader Joe’s is da boom!!!!

  • u said that granola is super high in calories, but look. when ur on a diet, NORMALLY u are looking for being healthy. granola is better than cereal. is more natural and healthy

  • If she feels like 1200 calories is enough for her and she doesn’t feel deprived then leave her alone! That’s what works for her!! She didn’t say she was trying to build muscle or bulk she’s trying to “ LOSE WEIGHT” and eating 1200 calories a day will do that soooo check ya facts people

  • I thought it said 200 calories a day and I was legit scared for her

  • I also want to say As Americans we eat more food than we even need to eat naturally so our stomachs are stretched once you start eating right and losing weight you don't even be hungry half the time unless you're constantly working out but I've never had time to work out every day, all week. I go maybe 3 times a week so I still dont be hungry like that now. When I was fat I could eat for days and want food 5min later

  • I remember I was really fit at one point in time in high school cuz I played a lot of sports and you could see my rib cage and like my neck bones and I was still considered overweight because I'm short 😂😂😂 so I highly doubt she's "starving" herself compared to a Medical standpoint. every nutritionist I've been to even when I working at Planet Fitness the trainers would always tell people you need to be eating less calories than you burn a day in order to lose weight. If you hardly move, sitting in an office all day, or you hate exercising your calorie intake is going to be a lot less than someone who's constantly running a mile or has a Physically Active job. Don't listen to the hate… I love the video sweetheart ❤

  • ???i don’t get it,why are people freaking out,I’m losing weight and I’m on a 1,400 calorie diet and I’m male, also holy shit her meals look way better than my meals🤣I fucking hate dieting

  • How much protein does the entire day have?


  • 1200 isn't too low, anything lower is considered too low and "starving yourself" but lets say you maintain weight on 1000 calories, it works for you. I'm recovering from anorexia so I would know that she is okay at 1200 and shes not restricting therefore it is healthy! I'm 5'3 and moderately active (I'm on my feet about 50% of my day, the other 50% I'm sitting/sleeping or something) but I've found that I maintain weight eating 2500 calories! Its all based on your metabolism too, which you will never be 100% sure how many calories you actually burn because you have to take everything into consideration like my thyroid is overactive thus boosting my metabolism.

  • It makes me laugh that people are saying 1200 calories is too low, I only eat 100-500 so like come attack me instead.

  • stop promoting this kind of unhealthy behaviors. this is how my eating disorder started: counting calories. you shouldnt count them, and 1200 calories is not healthy even if you have the height of an oompa loompa. for you all supporting her: this!! isnt!! healthy!! stop

  • OMG!! I'm going to try this diet but different foods cause some i don't really like

  • I don’t work out at all. period. I’m 26 and I spent my entire life as of far living off of 1.2k cal. I’m still at my weight/bodies equilibrium. And I’m completely healthy according to my doctor. And I feel healthy too. Soo…

  • wait but 1200 plus excersize means prob 800 calories a day which is starving itself but it doesn’t look like she works out and she’s not rly starving herself, people that do 800 calorie a day diets plus except is starving. which means prob 500-300 calories a day NOW that’s starving

  • All y’all commenting about how she’s not being healthy/she’s anorexic are so dumb🙄 there’s a thing called having a calorie deficit in order to loss weight. I’m 4’10 and in order to loss weight I eat around 1,100-1,200 calories a day. Especially if you’re not active, having a calorie deficit is a great way to loss weight. We’re not dying or anorexic lmao

  • "It's all about the seasoning, you guys" proceeds using salt and pepper

  • If 1200 calories where dangerous I would of had already died I eat 600-900 calories and its just my life style

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