4 LOW CARB & LOW CALORIE Meals Everyone Can Enjoy!!! | Laura Annette

Hey baby dolls!!! Happy new year! I’m happy to share 4 of my go to low carb dinner ideas that are calorie conscious and great for the intermittent fasting lifestyle. If you struggle with no one in the house wanting to eat your “diet food” or with wanting to eat the “good stuff” everyone else is eating, then these recipes are for you. I show you how I meal prep and how to figure the calories per serving.
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On my channel, I tell you the story of my weightloss journey and my weight loss transformation. Anyone interested in how to lose weight should certainly be able to construct a weightloss plan with help of my videos. If you want to know more about intermittent fasting, HIIT training, strength training, the military diet, or low carb dieting let me know in the comments and I will put it on my video list. I hope this will be weight loss motivation for you!

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