Juice Cleanses Debunked! Why You Should Avoid Them- Thomas DeLauer

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Juice Cleanses Debunked! Why You Should Avoid Them- Thomas DeLauer…

Low Calories/Fiber:
Most juice cleanses last from anywhere between 3 and 14 days and are usually within the caloric range of 600-1200 calories, which is low for almost everyone. The continued low-calorie intake can send the body into starvation mode (prolonged periods of low energy intake) and the body will try to conserve calories by slowing down metabolism – most weight lost is usually just water weight.

Low Protein:
Juice cleanses are also very low in protein and it is not just needed to build muscle – needed to build healthy immune cells and is used to make enzymes and hormones. Protein can also be quite satiating, by reducing levels of ghrelin – a study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that increasing protein consumption from 15 to 30% of calories made subjects eat 441 fewer calories each day, without intentionally restricting foods (1)

Low Fiber:
Fiber is lost during the juicing process – Some soluble fiber will remain, but the majority of insoluble fiber is removed. We need the fiber content of the fruit or vegetable to experience the plant’s full health benefits as antioxidants that are naturally bound to plant fibers are lost in the juicing process (4)

Fructose Metabolization:
Should be known that while every cell in the body, including the brain, can use glucose, fructose is metabolized differently – the liver is the only organ that can metabolize fructose. Whereas with glucose, your liver has to break down only 20% of it (we weren’t designed to consume much fructose, if at all) Since every cell in your body can utilize glucose, it is used up fairly quickly after consumption. Conversely, when fructose is metabolized, it turns into free fatty acids (FFAs) and triglycerides, which get stored as fat. These fatty acids accumulate as fat droplets in your liver and skeletal muscle tissues, causing insulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) Additionally, fructose converts to activated glycerol (g-3-p), which is used to turn FFAs into triglycerides – The more g-3-p you have, the more fat you store (fructose is a lipophilic carb) A byproduct of liver metabolism is that your liver begins to create uric acid, causing blood pressure to increase and can result in gout. Fructose has no effect on ghrelin (glucose, for example, can suppress ghrelin → suppresses appetite) and interferes with your brain’s communication with leptin, resulting in overeating (2,5)

A study conducted at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign fed mice a diet in which 18% of the calories came from fructose vs mice whose diet included 18% glucose. The mice who ate fructose gained more weight, were less active, and had more body and liver fat after 10 weeks. All the mice in the study ate the same number of calories, the only difference was the type of sugar they consumed (3)

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  • Juicing helped me a lot I can sleep better more energy, and more happier. Plus the only fruit in it is apples and lemons the rest are veggies

  • Fruit rides the short bus.

  • My juices are 80 to 90 percent veggies and only a little fruit. it has cured my emphysema. And swollen prostate.

  • This is complete bs. I’m on my 10th day of my juice fast and I have NEVER been hungry. Ya I miss food but I don’t get hungry. How can you say it’s bad for you because of the lack of calories when on the other hand you recommend water fasting when we all know there are no calories in water. This doesn’t make sense?????🇮🇪
    By the way most people don’t do a fruit juice fast, 80% veg and 20% fruit get your facts right please.

  • Done 2 seven day juice fast and a 3 day once. Not particularly low on energy. Didn’t seem I was in too much of a caloric deficit but I was and I’m a full time boxing coach. Dropped loads of weight, felt more alert , clearer thinking better eye sight etc etc. only problem was I felt a little hungry. No biggie. Also on the sugar intake. I’d rather worry about having too much sugar through fruit than through crisps, sweets, chocolate coke etc. nice scientific explanation but veg and fruit juice works perfectly fine without it .

  • Thank you for sharing so much great info! I am really interested in a video on vegetable juice. Like greens, celery, beets and carrots (which do have more fructose than other veggies.)

  • What a shame you have such a large audience whilst talking absolute rubbish. Juice cleanses don't use solely fruit, they use mostly vegetables. Obviously just using fruit wouldn't be healthy, but your title just mentions juice cleanses, not fruit juice cleanses. Just click bait. Very sad.

  • How about green, fruit free juicing. I make kale, celery, cilantro, parsley, green, lettuce, basil, cucumber juice. Is that bad? Can someone tell me?

  • If I do a dry fast for 48 hours, is it ok to break it with berries and bone broth? Thanks!

  • He really didn't say much in this video to justify saying juice fasting is bad or debunked. I am not a doctor but I damn sure know juice fasting is healthy. He talked about fiber and the antioxidants in them ok great but the fiber is not consumed because it is a juice cleanse not a way of life. The fiber is not consumed in a juice fast so the body can save energy from not having to digest fiber. The extra energy goes into healing your body letting your body remove toxins out of your system. All the waste that comes out of you has been in you for awhile if you eat fiber you will just be adding unnecessary waste matter into your system making it harder for the waste stuck inside you to come out. When I was fasting and pooping it was a relief to see that waste matter be removed and your supposed to keep going till no more waste comes out.

    Once again he really didn't say anything directly negative about juice fasting. The protein argument I think has nothing bad to say about juice fasting since all the protein we need is in plants. I don't think this video debunks anything.

  • You know that's fresh stuff in the store is not all that fresh. Every day it sits it losses a large chunk of nutritional value. If you get iqf (individually quick Frozen) it has a very high nutritional value.

  • Different strokes for different folks. But you enjoy your steroids ya meat head.

  • Wrong, had a good laugh at this video.

  • I think guys who do the juice fast are doing it to improve their lymphatic system.

  • Why are you just talking about fruit juices?
    Tell me something I don't know- like why juicing vegetables are bad for me

  • I have started juicing and feel very weak, and sicker ever since I have started it's been a week now. It is not a juice fasting cause I still eat food but juice in the morning first thing to ingest. EVER since I have started i am experiencing palpitations, fatigue, I don't know for sure but I think it gives sleep apnea too cause I wake with dry mouth but not snoring and extreme fatigue and weakness, dark circles and fatigue all the time and hungry all the time. What can I do to get more energy and not feeling sluggish on juicing in the morning?

  • what if it is kale, cerlery, lemon and apple? Vegetable and fruit

  • What is meant by the term juicing here? Would blending fruit up in the blender and drinking it all remove the nutrients as well?

  • 100% disagree with the comments on juice fasting.. your science is garbage. Juicing does not give you a fatty liver.. smh.. ive done many juice fasts 60 day 90 days and up. Ive had my liver checked before and after.. both my doctor and the blood work both showed my liver was kicking ass. I also never felt hungry while i was on my fasts. Juice fasting does not make you fat.. smh! For the same reason that you cant just eat and sit on your butt and not workout.. u cant just juice and sit on your butt.. once again your science is garbage.

  • This is EXACTLY what happened to me. I almost killed my self with way too much juicing. I gave myself a fatty liver and now I’m on the keto diet. The only juicing I’m doing is green juice with lemons. I’m eating a small amount of fruit, like a half of grapefruit or a small handful of blueberries per day. Finally the disgusting belly fat is shrinking. After I broke my foot from a sprained ankle, I knew something was wrong. My body was turning to mush from way too much fructose. I’m so glad I discovered this keto diet, it’s saving my life.

  • You are absolutely not right. You are showing meat in your video and there is so much more protein and better protein in (dark) leafy greens. Also you are focusing on macro nutrients, but there are so much minerals, vitamins, micronutrients and other benefits in fresh pressed/ juiced fruits and vegetables, you are not even mentioning. If you juice fast you can juice fruit juices, green juices, combinations, you will absolutely NOT be hungry past day 5, you will feel your best, energetic self, you will heal potentially deadly, degenerative deceases (check out 28 day juice fast documentary), can cure cancer with juicing (Gerson method) and so much more. This video is so not giving the proper science and information. I feel sad for misleading your viewers like this. Because you look good and have a fancy channel with camera's, a set, and Godknowswhat, doesn't mean you are giving proper information.

  • Can I eat apples on my fasting

  • I learnd that fructose is turned in glucose and glucose is turned in frucotose in the body all the time. At least thats what my Prof. in Biotechnology told me.

  • First claim , juice a gallon of different juices , 2,000 calories of juice a day , possible .

  • What is the best beverage for kids?

  • all the reasons are bs

  • Lies lies lies!!! Juice fasting is great for your health. And for weight loss!!! Starvation mode my ass! That’s that stupid bro science crap

  • I am in love with this chanel and Your work, this is SOMETHING I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR A LONG TIME, DEFINITELY, not just for bio, for integreted whole development. At this point, regardless I watch since 4 days, I must say that I am very impressed and gratefull. You are connecting the dots from areas that I've sepparately digded into. VERY BIG THANK YOU!

  • What about juicing greens tho?? What’s the science on that

  • You have to realize your source of information. It is fine for this 20-something year old who is barely begun his life compared to a 50 or 60 year old who's nutritional value is much much different. His advice made me very good that is if I were 30 years younger.

  • If you're so concerned about liver overload with fructose. Why are you in ketosis again?

  • When you juice fast you have to drink a lot of juices in order to get the calories you need. People make this mistake ALL the time and make the fast look bad. Drink at least 4 liter of juice every day in order to properly perform during the fast. So much fals i formation here its sad.

  • HI its great video. Explained perfectly.Respect from India. Could you make a video on Juicing VS Blending (Vegetables ,fruits).Thank you in advance .

  • Go veg than talk, you look stupid…

  • I’m a guy and I really like your kitchen.

  • Fruit doesn't just have fructose, it has also some glucose, if it didn't it would be low glycemic

  • Also many people juice fasting consume a lot of juice to satisfy caloric needs look at John rose's plan and if you are doing something much different now that is a problem

  • He would be right if juicing fruit actually took away the fiber which it doesn't unless it is strained afterwards you can still get plenty of fiber from juices I think we all need to look into it more and realize this is just wrong

  • I started keto in 215 but gave up pretty quickly. I am committed to at least 90 days no matter what this time and longer if I can make it thru. I am learning a lot from your videos. I have one side effect that is problematic both in 2015 and starting again this I time. It would be great to see a video on night sweats, I turn into a firey furnace, it’s really really bad. I can’t figure out what is happening, good or bad, and is there a way to control this so I can attain proper sleep through the night or adjust something that I could be doing wrong. Keep up the awesome videos!

  • 📰 …for example – Bob Geldof’s daughter ‘Peaches Geldof’ was found dead during the course of a juice cleanse diet [link below].
    Best not commit to a “juice cleanse diet” for prolonged periods!
    ☝🏻”A balanced and moderate diet is key 🔑 to your prosperity!” 👍🏻
    🔗 http://www.thegloss.com/beauty/peaches-geldof-death-juice-cleanse-diet/

  • Can you do a segment on extrogeneous ketones? I’m seeing a ton of hype about drinking or consuming ketones. Seems kind of hocus pocus to me.

  • Having lived in Japan, I can say that most Japanese people are not "fit." They are small but "skinny fat". Take their shirt off and the average Japanese man looks like a child – no muscle, no definition, but probably a little pot belly. It's a country of hard-gainers, by appearances. They love creating and consuming huge quantities of really weird candies and sweets, and manufacture sugary beverages that don't get exported (like Calpiss, which I cleverly called Cow Piss) but are sold in vending machines next to the cigarette vending machines on the street. Of course, there were many people who were obese. I'm not exaggerating, i saw school children who looked like they were preparing to be sumo wrestlers later in life. One of my best friends there was massively fat. They love fried dumplings and pot-stickers. There are entire restaurants dedicated to serving massive quantities of stuffed dumplings. Yet, the comments point at such countries and say "they eat rice everyday, we can do it too!" I'm a Spartan, not a 30 year old child with alcohol allergies. P.s. ohayou, konnichiwa and konbanwa, I am simply baku gaijin. Take nothing I say to heart. It's all anecdotal evidence from a few years in the area around Tokyo, anyway. I didn't do any studies.

  • Can you make a video about multi vitamins

  • This is a great one Tom, thanks a whole load

  • About 18 years ago, 35 year old, looking 28, and 9% body fat, I did a three day juice "fast" for cleansing. This is what I got of it:
    (1) a miserable weekend especially, a big swell was up and I spent hours freezing in the water.
    (2) the first spare tire in my life in the following week.

    Don't do it!

  • Too much protein will spike your insulin if you want to reverse diabetes or pre diabetes so not good way to increase protein

  • I thought most fruit was 50/50 in fructose and glucose?? @3:55 doesn't, say, a medium banana actually contain 5.72g of fructose and 5.88g of glucose!? Also alternative sweeteners like for example Sugar Alcohols / Polyols are also metabolized by the liver, so I'm wondering are they greatly taxing the liver too?

  • Hello Thomas, I am writting from Mexico City. I understand about juiceing with fruits, but what about juiceing just veggies, like Kale, spinach and other types of veggies, would that be Ok?
    Best regards

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